Ryan Irvine of KeyStocks.com explains that while the future may be bleak for many miners who will never actually develop their long sought after mine, there are golden stocks that he and his colleagues regularly uncover such as the maker of Karaoke machines that is absolutely killing it. They start by screening 3,000 stocks and look for companies that are under-followed, have sales and earnings and growth, imagine that. Then they meet with management and learn everything they can about the company. Oh and by the way, KeyStocks sells their research to investors rather than selling stocks, so there's never a conflict of interest. 

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Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin was a major sponsor at the Vancouver Resource Conference. He just introduced a new single key safe deposit box program that's off the grid and located in Canada. It's a major innovation and is fully compliant with all US laws and regulations. It took a lot of out of the box thinking and work, but Andy pulled it off! Kudos to him and Miles Franklin. 

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It's amazing what a difference an election can make. Now that Trump is president if he doesn't like something he simply sends out a Tweet and awaits the fall out. Whether it's Ford, GM, Boeing, Lockheed or the Dollar. Last week he Tweeted out his unhappiness over the strong US Dollar and like magic it came tumbling down. Perhaps he can do the same thing for childhood obesity, illegal immigration and the dumbing down of our schools. Way to go Donald!

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