Call John a permanent-Trump skeptic. But so far he's liking what he sees. There is cause for concern because now it's time to deal with the landmine known as Obamacare. What to do with it? The Republicans can't seem to come to terms, but wait until they get a tirade of Trump Tweets. That will set them straight like nothing else. They're still coming to terms with the new sheriff in town and they're not sure exactly what to do about it. 

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Chris Vermeulen is a very savvy trader and even he was taken by surprise by the stock market's Trump rally. Especially by its strength and ferocity and he sees no immediate end in site. It could go on and on. But it won't necessarily be bad for commodities and precious metals. He's seeing very bullish signs in those markets as well. So are we living in the best of all possible worlds? 

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What's really happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Is "Trump-flation" about to be refuted?
-"inflation" vs. "deflation"
-today's soon-to-be-published article, "2.5% - 'Nuff said?"
Imminent Yuan devaluation?
Have PMs again bottomed in December?
Draconian Chinese Bitcoin raids

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For over a decade, Jason was groomed at two of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Germany’s Bayer AG and US-based Johnson and Johnson before expanding his successful career into leading specialty pharmaceutical, biotech and device companies in their pursuit of growth and capital. Then he happened upon 3DSignatures, which he described as a diamond in the rough.

The quality of the research and technology coming out of the company was truly astounding. They may close to a number of major breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of disease through the 3D Telomere Analysis. Without getting into a major dissertation on the subject, it enables scientists to analyze a particular portion of the chromosome, which Jason likens to the cap on a shoelace. The immediate applications are amazing, such as far more accurate prostate cancer tests, and personalized treatment plans for many different types of cancer. In fact 3DSignatures is working on 14 different diseases at this moment. Exciting times in biotech. 

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Poor Meryl Streep. She just can't deal with the prospect of a President Trump. Who would have ever believed that she was part of a persecuted class? Her career and her reputation have taken a permanent well-deserved hit. 

Next we talked about the savages who attacked and tortured a mentally disabled white man in Obama's hometown of Chicago. It was a sickening display of barbarity. Just like Black Lives Matter, which should be declared a terrorist organization by the incoming president. Obama has fostered an environment of lawless and encouraged attacks on the police. No wonder murder and mayhem are increasing across the country. 

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