This was my second trip to Cuba in a year. This time I brought along an ace interpreter, my son Brandon. What a difference a year makes. The country is truly a mess. Much of its once glorious architecture is in a pronounced state of decay. Ill maintained buildings routinely collapse, leaving large gaps around the city. But there seems to be much construction activity and the blighted streets of Old Havana have been repaved. Much to talk about.

Next my friend and sponsor Jason Hartman has much reason to be optimistic about the incoming Trump Administration. One of the major obstacles to increased real estate investment has been the much derided Dodd-Frank Act. It has placed numerous barriers in this market that the new Trump Team seems hell bent on reducing or eliminating. Right now, Jason is the only one talking about it, but as usual, he's the visionary. Get ready for a fresh wave of investment. 

And as always much, much more. 

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Nav Athwal is Founder and CEO of RealtyShares, an online marketplace for real estate investing that connects individual and institutional investors to private US real estate investments. Prior to founding RealtyShares, Nav was a real estate and land use attorney at San Francisco based law firm Farella Braun & Martel (FBM).

At FBM, Nav represented developers, fund managers, nonprofits and public and private REIT's on some of the largest US real estate and renewable energy projects. Former clients include Equity Residential, Archstone, SKS Investments and representative transactions include the Airbnb Headquarters, the Pinterest Headquarters and Desert Sunlight & Topaz. Nav was named a 2013 Northern California Rising Star Lawyer and is a guest lecturer to UC Berkeley Law. Check out Nav as a guest on Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless.

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Kamal's new book, Rebirth (published by Hachette, coming out January 3rd), is the creative byproduct of his entrepreneurship journey and life lessons. His previous works have some incredibly touching reviews on Amazon, including many discussing how the book saved or changed their lives. His journey from virtual pennilessness to running a venture capital fund, takes him on a journey to his ancestral home to scatter his recently departed father's ashes in the Ganges River. But it turns out to be much more profound, as he slowly realizes his life's purpose and his reason for being. 


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2017 is here and so are Deutsche Bank and Banco Mont Paschi. But this bandaid approach isn't going to fix the system. 2016 started out with great pessimism and ended with great optimism. Looks like 2017 will be the mirror image. Stay tuned!

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