2016 was the best of all possible worlds for virtually every market, except two, Uranium and the Euro. Every other market was up, most substantially. Bitcoin, the big winner was up 122%! NatGas was up a whopping 72%! Stock markets around the globe were all up with the TSX.V up 46% and the Russell 2000 up 19.5%. Precious metals had their best performance in years. How can 2017 be any better? Will the DOW break 20,000? Let's wait and see. 

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Questions of a Trump Troop

Available Interviews with Retired US Army Serviceman of 22 Years and
Recipient of Seven Valor Awards in Combat
Colonel Denny Gillem

President-elect Donald Trump believes the Obama administration has weakened the American military. He campaigned on a promise of greater security, particularly against terrorism. In his campaign, Trump called for 90,000 more Army soldiers, a 350-ship Navy, 100 more fighters, and strengthened nuclear and missile defenses.

* Is this a realistic view or plan?
* What is the future outlook of our military under Trump?
* Did Obama truly weaken us or is that an over statement?

Do we really need transgender troops and female infantry fighters? Are they a plus or a major liability? The colonel thinks they hurt our fighting ability and he's probably correct. We need a major military rebuilding done now!

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While Obama has spent the past 8 years putting America down, Vernuccio believes that Donald Trump is on the right path to Making America Great again. From repealing Obama's overarching executive orders on day one, reneging on his abusive gentlemen's agreements overseas, to abolishing Obama's and many other president's abusive regulation, Frank sees Trump as on a mission. Will he succeed where others have failed? 

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