Dow Hits 20,000 for the first time The Dow Jones Industrial Average last Wednesday hit the psychologically significant threshold of 20,000 in intraday trade, representing a milestone for the blue-chip gauge and highlighting a relatively speedy path higher for the stock market in the wake of Donald Trump’s election win in November.

The Dow DJIA, +0.49% is up about 9% since Trump’s Nov. 8 election victory, the S&P 500 index SPX, +0.47% has gained nearly 7%, while the Nasdaq Composite IndexCOMP, +0.65% has advanced roughly 8% during that period.

The equity rally is supported by expectations that Trump will unleash a raft of pro-business policies, including a rollback of regulations, tax cuts and fiscal spending. It remains to be seen if the Dow will close at 20,000. The gains for the Dow on Wednesday came after Trump signed executive orders on Tuesday to move forward with the construction of controversial infrastructure projects, Keystone XL and the Dakota Access pipelines, which offered a boost to stocks as it supported expectations that a ramp up in infrastructure spending—a boon for economic growth—would be one of the centerpieces of his administration.

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Are we becoming the disunited States of Trump? The liberals are having a major meltdown around the globe. First the UK went down, then the US, next will be France  and then who knows what's next. 

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Consumers and Corporate America have taken substantial notice of the pro-growth President Elects Donald Trump moves to enhance jobs and stimulate corporate spending which has been nonexistent the last 6 years.  Corporate America has spent 2.5 trillion on share buy backs and not invested in their model.  Consumers are feeling good as the political scene is creating the appearance to stimulate the economy by way of deregulation for all businesses, tax reform and infrastructure spending could be a tripled headed trifecta for the US economy.  If any of these initiatives get bogged down in Congress look for profit taking as the market is searching for additional reasons to go higher.  The velocity of money in the economy will be increasing in 2017. 

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It's been just 9 days but Trump is firmly in the driver's seat. Love him or hate him, he's running the show. He's our first workaholic 'n chief since LBJ. No one can keep up with him. And he's chosen to surround himself with people just like himself. Rex Tilerson, Steve Mnuchin, Mad Dog Mathis, etc. If you don't think Washington can get things done, you're in for a surprise. It's a new day in America. Whether they can pay off the debt is another story, they aren't miracle workers after all. 

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