We talk again with Steven John our expat day trading fan in sunny Mexico. He's seeing more choppiness for gold and silver ahead, but the long term charts are still quite bullish. We'll see if he can beat the pros. 

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We look at the non-stop antics of New York's born again communist mayor. He's anti-cop, pro-tax, pro-big government. He's now in the process of suing a cigarette shop in Virginia for selling tax-free smokes, while he's upset over the death of Eric Gardner for dying during his run in with cops for selling untaxed cigarettes. The cops are hating on the Comrade for his less than enthusiastic support for their cause. Seems that a couple of NYPD Brass were attacked by Peaceful Demonstrators and the Mayor referred to the alleged attack. Problem is he never refers to alleged crimes when he talks about his police force. Face it, Comrade is losing his street cred faster than Obama running from a stop cessation program. 

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Dave Bego tells us about the latest Obama scheme to help out organized labor. The rule, which if allowed to go into effect, would give businesses just 21 days from being noticed by unions till a vote takes place. Under some circumstances that time period could be cut to as little as 10 days. This will allow the unions a huge advantage over businesses around the country. They need time to present their case and educate their workers on what unionization will mean to their futures. Hopefully the court challenges will make a difference. 

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