Aaron Clarey a/k/a Captain Capitalism has found his calling. From blogger, author and internet personality, he's become a consultant and goto guy to the lost and helpless generation known as the Millennials. Often without fathers and constructive role models, more and more of these young adults are turning to Aaron to help them resolve problems that their fathers would have been there for. Have a problem attracting women, Aaron will let you know if you're too fat or you don't dress properly. Thinking of starting a business, Aaron is there to let you know that you need to set up an LLC and bank account. There's much more that you can count on Aaron for, you just need to check out AssHoleCounsulting.com.

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We've been speaking with Danielle Park for over three years now. In the beginning we were skeptical of her forecasts for the future. Now, to our surprise, we're seeing them unfold much as Danielle predicted. How did this come this come pass? How did she perceive the Black Swans when they were circling off so far in the distant gloom? That's a discussion in its own right, but for now Danielle tells us what she sees coming next and how you can profit from it. Lower oil and commodity prices, a lower Canadian Dollar and a higher US Dollar to name just a few.  An interview you don't want to miss. 

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