We talked with Tom Cloud today about precious metals price trends. Still more of the same with the slam down and rebound after the defeat of the Swiss gold referendum. If you remember, Tom had given us a heads up last month. Seems that Paypal was given orders to stop the flow of donations to the pro-gold supporters. Evidently that was their primary source of support and it hindered their efforts to get the word out. Nonetheless, gold rebounded very strongly after the defeat and we're on to the next Black Swan. Tom also discussed the short supply of Yellow Diamonds. Seems like most other things of value, the Chinese are buying them like there's no tomorrow. 

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Don Watkins takes on the collectivists and Steven Rattner who claim that the key to solving income inequality is taking more from society's successful and most productive members. Rather than bringing down the top 10 percent, Don believes that opportunity must be increased for the 90 percent. Redistribution schemes and raising the minimum wage is not going to make society wealthier, only by increasing productivity will society's wealth as a whole increase. 

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Peter Schiff joined us today. His article today berates the Fed for their goal of achieving to 2 percent annual inflation. Since when did inflation or the loss of purchasing power become a laudable goal? Deflation or the increase in the dollar's purchasing power is what the Fed should be aiming for. When productivity goes up so does the standard of living. 

On bitcoin Peter believes that it won't end well. He's sees no iherent value in the cryto-currency. Now that its value has been going down, Peter thinks that the public's appetite for the currency will diminish and as will its value. 

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Rituparna Basu is the Ayn Rand Institute's expert on healthcare policy. She's grateful to MTI's Jon Gruber for speaking the truth about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Collectivists always view the rest of us with contempt and Gruber, as the chief architect of Obamacare is no exception. Beware of collectivists bearing gifts, because someone's got to pay for them and it's not going to be the wealthy or the poor. Rather it will be the average American who picks up the tab and pays the ultimate price. 

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