Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:


Plunging oil prices

                -shale is 15% of U.S. junk bond market - $210 billion

                                -energy bonds in freefall

                -energy is 1/3 of S&P 500 capex, and was falling before this fall's oil plunge

                -merger mania will paralyze big oil (see Baker Hughes/Halliburton), while shale will spectacularly default

                -shale was massively cash flow negative at $100 oil!

                -plunging currencies worldwide, particularly in oil exporting nations like Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Indonesia - and frankly, all commodity currencies like Australia, Canada, etc.

                                -for that matter, Thursday's audioblog "crashing oil prices and currencies, America's death knell" could not be more important

                                                -liquidity vaccuum caused by global economic collapse, driven by Central bank market manipulation, is creating - per the title of today's article - "lemmings for the ages."

                                                                -record valuations of insolvent government bonds, equities amidst depression, and the dollar as the Fed destroys it, whilst record demand for physical PMs but plunging prices due to naked shorting

                                                                                -Chinese gold, Indian silver, U.S./Canadian silver demand will exceed 2013's record levels in 2014.  Only Indian gold won't, but only because much of such demand now in unreported black market

                                                                                due to import tariffs.  Irrespective, surging Indian demand this Fall, and now that import restrictions being lifted (and Rupee plunging), will likely surge anew in 2015


Swiss "no" was second to last chance for West to try to save itself.  This weekend, Japan snap election is second.

                -However, Abe likely to win, as Yen amid 40% plunge, Japan CPI at multi-year highs, and massive recession.  Heck, yen gold just 6% from all-time high.  But lo and behold, rising stock market prompts the lemmings to vote for Abe.


NFP report

                -today's article was "all economic data are lies," in reference to it

                                -household survey NEGATIVE jobs, ADP report worst November since 2010, "Labor Market Index" declined today

                                                -plus, further decline in labor participation, to essentially a 36 year low; and a "mysterious" positive birth/death number, in a month that is always negative.  Let alone, with small business formation at multi-                                                          decade lows and small business bankruptcy at multi-decade highs.

                                -plus, all jobs still retail, amidst worst retail environment in decades (McDonalds, biggest sales decline in 12 years today).  Not only that, with online sales growing relative to brick/mortar, makes no sense that so many                                     retail jobs (even though really just "half jobs," as mostly min. wage, no benefits, part time).  Let alone, alll the "waiters and bartenders" if restaraunts doing so badly.

                                -and oh yeah, all other data bad - from trade deficit, to (negative) factory orders, contracting credit, etc.  Let alone, the world round, where essentially everyone is in recession!

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John writes, Of all the problems with fiat currency, the most basic is that it empowers the dark side of human nature. We’re potentially good but infinitely corruptible, and giving an unlimited monetary printing press to a government or group of banks is guaranteed to produce a dystopia of ever-greater debt and more centralized control, until the only remaining choice is between deflationary collapse or runaway inflation. The people in charge at that point are in a box with no painless exit. 

As further proof, just look at today, the dollar index is over 89 and the rest of the world's major/minor currencies are sinking. 

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