Danielle Park, esteemed portfolio manager and investment expert sees the plunge in oil and commodities as totally predictable and foreseeable. The same with the eventual plunge in stock indexes. While the experts on Wall Street only see buying opportunities, Danielle always prefers to wait for the inevitable shake-out to occur and then she likes to invest in quality issues at bargain basement prices. She believes that day is soon coming to the major markets, which is why she thinks that it's a good time to be hoarding cash. Before you dismiss her sage advice, remember that she's been calling for a decline in commodities, especially oil and copper for quite a while. Bet against her at your own peril. 

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Dr. Robert A. Eisenbeis serves as Cumberland Advisors’ Vice Chairman and Chief Monetary Economist. In this capacity, he advises Cumberland’s asset managers on developments in US financial markets, the domestic economy and their implications for investment and trading strategies. With his experience as Executive Vice-President and Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, where he advised the bank’s president on monetary policy for FOMC deliberations, Dr. Eisenbeis has a unique insight into the economy and where it's heading. 

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Today we sat down with Mickey Fulp for his Major Monthly Market Review. The biggest loser was WTI. Gold and silver lost some and copper took a big hit. Bitcoin recouped its losses from October. Natgas was stable. And those major markets keep going up and up.  Uranium is still on the rise. 

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