Jerry Molen, well known Hollywood Producer, joined us today. He believes, like so many, that runaway greed is destroying the nation. The problem is, How do we stop it? Unfortunately, there's no easy answers. Our leaders have sold us down the river and they're too busy lining their own pockets to care about what happens to the country. Until the people rise up and refuse to accept the current state of affairs, nothing is going to change. 

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Sometimes our problems are so difficult that it calls for a rocket scientist to come up with a solution. That person might just be Dr. Robert Needham, author of Collaborative Commonwealth. Dr. Needham believes that we need to go back to the future and reimpose a Confederacy of the States, a Commonwealth, where individual rights are supreme and the power resides with the people. He's exciting to listen to and is one of those people that you need to watch, because it's all about what's next. 

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John Butler first came on FSN in January of 2012 making the then outrageous claim that the world was headed for the reimposition of a gold standard. It's nearly three years later and things are getting interesting. John believes that Russia should start backing its paper, both debt and currency, with gold to reverse the negative effects that the sanctions and currency wars have had on the Ruble. We all know that they've got the gold to do it, but are the willing to give up control over their monetary policy? Is any country? The Swiss recently refused, will the Russians decide otherwise? 

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