When will precious metals prices start going up again? David Morgan doesn't know the exact date, but he suspects we're getting very close and that the bottom has been put in. Now it's just a matter of the fundamentals asserting themselves. He's putting together a list of high value mining stocks that should out perform all the others. He'll be talking about some of them at the webinar on December 29, 2014 @ 9pm est. We look forward to seeing you there. 

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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

FOMC meeting

                - per audioblog, "laughable FOMC statement sets new Central bank credibility lows, until SNB one-ups it" - Fed DID NOT take out "considerable time," yet MSM says it did!

                                -also, called oil price decline "and other factors" TRANSITORY

                                -not worried about anything, but still data dependent

                                -FOMC governors' avg expectation for Fed Funds rate at end of 2016 dropped from 2.9% at OCTOBER 29th MEETING to 2.5% today

                                -as meeting going on, SNB took deposit rates negative - just three weeks after referendum, and as Euro challenges "whatever it takes" July 2012 low!

                                                -per article, "end of the gold 'bear market'," gold up sharply in countless currencies - including Francs since the referendum

                                                                -on average, up 5% worldwide; yen gold 7% from all-time high, Ruble gold way above all-time high; rupee gold and others, on average, just 20% or so from all time high

                                                                                -and this, as 2014 ends with record demand


                - whilst FOMC going on, not only SNM madness, but oil at $54-$55/bbl; Greek snap elections favor Syriza; cratering U.S. economic data, nearly across the board.  Not to mention, dollar surges above 10-year range, causing massive                 currency plunges the world round (article - the "single most precious metal bullish factor imaginable")

                                -incredible to see the level of PM manipulation and stock support around the FOMC meeting, as powerful as around the Swiss referendum!  Gold capped at $1,200 35 times last week, and twice already today -                                                  DESPERATION

                                                -if it closes year above $1205, will be up in dollars, too, after all the smashing!



                -per tomorrow's article, "a major silver shortage must, and will, occur", global supply will be up no more than 2% or so in 2014 - and set to plunge; whilst demand at record levels - up 7% in 2014 for maples/eagles/indian imports                 alone, and new research says indsustrial demand set to grow whilst production declines

                -if ends year around $16, massive write-downs, losses, capex cuts, paralyzing mergers - gold, too, at $1,200; 2015 will be year of paralyzing PM mergers


OIL prices!

                -3/4 or more of all Shale uneconomic at current prices; not to mention, other high cost production the world round

                -Saudi and other low-cost producers will smoke them all out

                -$500 billion of junk bonds/leveraged loans will collapse (already are), per article "2015 shale oil = 2008 subprime mortgages"

                -crashing commodity currencies the world round will have horrific consequences


Horrible holiday season likely to be far worse than last year's post-2008 crisis lows, and with GOOD WEATHER to boot

                -Amazon slashed prices on kindles this weekend, and free shipping across the board

                -retail armageddon in 2015, especially as more sales on line

                                -gee, I wonder when the government will impose an online retail sales tax


2015, the year of, per article, the "re-emergence of real money"

                -record demand now, accelerated money printing/currency crashes

                -repatriation wave

                -Euro collapse?



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