Noted CPA, Attorney and Author Sandy Botkin knows a lot about debt and why people often wind up sinking in a sea of it. He's written a book about how people can avoid it or get out of it and he's shared with us the big reasons why so many have succumbed to it. The causes are simple, but exercising the discipline to say no is hard. Sandy shows you how. 

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Comments[0]'s Ross Kenneth Urkin says that too many graduates get out of college without a plan on what to do about their debt. Then they either go into denial or into panic. Either way, they're not effectively dealing with the situation and things will only get worse. The key is to effectively assess the problem and then act. It may take years but eventually a good plan will succeed. 


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Joe Deaux and I discussed the upcoming summer's gas prices promise to be higher than ever. Short of buying a hybrid or packing light and getting rid of the wife and kids, there's not much you can do about it. Just drive less and take the bus. Tune up the car and as the President suggested, keep your tires well inflated. 

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When it comes to precious metals, few people have the knowledge and experience of David Morgan. We anxiously await the regular release of the Morgan Report. With the cost of production way above the current market price, how much longer can the producers hold out before they either have to shut their mines or go into hibernation? At some point the market must assert itself through the price mechanism. No one knows when that will happen, only that it must. 

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