We spoke with Seth Peretzman who's associated with our Sponsor Borderless Holdings (formerly known as Owings Metals) has a number of interesting products entering the market.  Chief among them is their wearable wealth line. These are 24 karat gold bracelets, from 1 ounce to 15, made up of beads held together with sterling silver wire. They can be easily seperated and sold off by the piece if and when necessary. They are durable and insurable and easily transportable over borders. 

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Law Professor John Quigley's experience with The Ukraine and The Crimea goes back many years. He understands the region quite well. He's a bit confused about why it's become such a flashpoint. After all, the United States really has no vital interests there. Russia on the hand, sees the warm water ports as crucial to its national interests. Where it winds up now is anyone's guess. 

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We talked with TheRealSide's Joe Messina about the corrupt-a-thon taking place at the rebuilding of the World Trade Center. When completed, 1 World Trade Center will be the most expensive office building in the world. Cost overruns and waste have become the purpose of this project. A worthy museum dedicated to the memories of those who perished on 9-11 wound up costing $700 million and will cost the US Park Service $60 per year to operate. No wonder the country is going down the tubes.

We also talked about the first three party marriage, which happens to be all female. Sounds great until you think about how difficult it is to make a two party marriage work. Add 50 percent more people and 10 times more problems.  

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TheStreet.com's Joe Deaux joined us to discuss the latest employment situation. It appears that employment is gradually improving and the low GDP number just reported this week was due largely to the horrific winter weather. If second quarter GDP improves and tapering has no effect than perhaps this recovery will be for real, but right now it's too early to tell. 

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