Ross Kenneth Urken is Personal Finance Editor at and goes through the five most common money management mistakes that we all make. Some of them are all about growing up and some are just common sense. But in every situation, awareness is the key. 

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Danielle Park joined us today for a discussion of the first High Frequency Fraud class action lawsuit that was filed in New York City. It was clearly inspired by the Michael Lewis page turner The Flash Boys as the complaint quotes liberally chapter and verse from the book. Perhaps this is the beginning of the great Wall Street Purge that has been too long in coming. High Frequency Fraud has been too long the rage. But as long as the rewards are so rich and the odds of imprisonment so small, the crimefest that is currently Wall Street will continue. 

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Mike Gearhardt writes that decades of fiscal irresponsibility due to excessive spending, inconsistent and irrational tax policies, growth in entitlement programs, government intervention into free markets and inadequate accounting practices threatens to drown our nation’s economy under a wave of debt. While the Government has failed to take any meaningful actions to address our mounting debt, the magnitude of the problem has been recognized by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO).

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Gary Christenson is the owner and writer for the popular and contrarian investment site Deviant Investor and the author of the Kindle book, “Survival Investing with Gold & Silver.” He is a retired accountant and business manager with 30 years of experience studying markets, investing, and trading. He writes about investing, gold, silver, the economy, and central banking. And no, silver is most decidely not in a bubble!

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