Interesting interview of yours truly on a Montreal radio station. If you thought that Canadians are just like Americans only with long underwear, well think again. Too many of them are just plain socialists who believe that the government can do no wrong and can never print too much money. Listen to the caller who just can't believe that the original World Trade Center was a White Elephant. Well I was there and experienced it first hand. So who are you going to believe, a lefty from north of the border or a New Yorker who lived through it? 

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David Gurwitz of Charles Nenner Research says the cycles never lie. He sees stock markets topping around the world and gold and silver putting in their bottoms before beginning their inexorable rises. Oil is going up with an intermediate target of $122 per barrel. Natural Gas is another story. The war cycle is picking up steam. Every 100 hundred years there's a big one, just go back in history. Cycles seem to control everything, so the next time someone's carrying on about free will, just point to the stars. 

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Comments[0]'s Chris Ciaccia talks about how the proposed $49 billion big merger between AT&T (T_) and DIRECTV(DTV_) is not about subscribers, free cash flow, dividend coverage or any other story you may read this morning. It's about football. More specifically, it's about the National Football League, which has become a television ratings powerhouse under Commissioner Roger Goodell.


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Alka Dalal, “The Queen of Creativity,” teaches experts and others how to unleash your own creativity and becoming successful at what you do and enjoy massive results. She delivers high-impact creative strategies for turbo-charging entrepreneurs and small business owners and individuals to great profits.


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