Ned has nearly 40 years of experience in investment management, consulting, and teaching Finance in the U.S. and offshore. In 2003 he published "$1,265 Gold", one of the earliest major research reports documenting the impending rise of Gold at that time. Ned says, "When the Russians are shooting down helicopters in Eastern Europe you buy gold, food and oil, not Facebook, Google or Twitter." 
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As Tom Payne says, "I've out-interviewed more qualified competitors and so have my clients, and it was done ethically, telling nothing but the truth." He's done it himself and trained others by effective storytelling. It's a great skill to have and it can enhance your life in so many ways. Have you ever listened to someone tell a story and wish that you could do it as well. Tom gives you an effective method for doing that will filter into all aspects of your life, whether it's looking for a job, helping to raise your kids or relating better in a social setting. 

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We caught up with Rick Ackerman today. His reprint of a New Jersey teacher's lament about overly generous public pensions was quite instructive. It reinforces why the long term trends for precious metals are so appealing. In the short term, Rick still thinks June Gold has appeal. Silver appears to be stuck in the mud until it breaks out and starts showing signs of strength. Stocks anyone? 

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