Hard to believe but Marijuana legalization actually is starting to cut into cartel profits. Marijuana cultivation is way down in Mexico's gold triangle all because of liberalization of pot laws in the US. Is that a good thing? Depends upon whom you talk to.

While on the subject of Mexico, they're starting their own border patrol. Seems that using the army to stop illegals coming from all over Central and South America just isn't working out so well. They're even planning to patrol the northern border with the US. Is that a sign that Americans will soon be fleeing to points south? 

Maryland is cracking down on online higher education companies. They're trying to accredit and license companies outside the state who teach Marylanders. Guess they never heard of the Interstate Commerce Clause, or else they don't really care anyway. 

Finally, Detroit is attempting to emerge from Bankruptcy protection. A creditor vote will soon be taken and deals have been cut with various unions. Unfortunately, a golden opportunity has been missed and the odds are stacked against a full recovery. 

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Frank Pringle has come up with a new innovative security device to help homeowners, businessmen and farmers secure their properties. Using solar and wind power along with efficient led lighting, the device can sustain itself indefinitely. It's really worth taking a look at. 

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No one likes to go out on limb for making a specific prediction and Bill Holter and I are no exception. But May 20th of this year is shaping up to be a very interesting date. That's when we might find out about the huge energy deal that China and Russia have been cooking up, which could accelerate the end of the petro-dollar. It could also usher in the acceptance of many other currencies to be used in payment of petroleum purchases. None of this bodes well for the dollar. Gold and silver are the antidotes for this potential disaster. 

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Peter Schiff was on for an update on the self-immolation of the US Dollar and the economy. Janet Yellen is learning the art of the happy talk and the media hasn't missed a beat. Everyone is very hopeful, upbeat and optimistic, but that's not going to change the ultimate outcome and the economic collapse that's heading our way. The NASDAQ is making a huge head and shoulders formation and the dollar is hitting new lows. Not the signs of a healthy economy. Peter tells us all about what's next. 

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