Noted CPA David Selig believes that proper legalized marijuana could be a tax windfall for the country, if only it were properly managed. But as usual, the government is not going about it correctly. There's a pressing need to fortify the border and make sure that un-taxed marijuana doesn't find its way into the legal US market. The reward could hundreds of billions in new tax revenues. But is it worth the price? 

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  • China ascendancy continues;
  • Hidden history of the Fed;
  • Bearish chart formation on NASDAQ and Russell 2k;
  • ECB to start printing money in June;
  • Five levels of financial freedom.
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Nicholas Pell, freelance writer says that now Spring has finally sprung it's time do a financial spring cleaning. That means pulling your credit report and making sure every thing on it is kosher. Next, make sure that you're payroll is being properly withheld. If you're over withholding, change it and put the difference into an IRA. Next, set realistic goals and stick to them. And then you need to start organizing your paperwork. Go through all your necessary documents and scan them. Back them up to a safe place and dump the uneeded ones. Create a budget. No one wants to do it, just like going to the dentist, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Then we go onto investments. Rebalance them. Go through your investments and evaluate. Consult your financial planner or get one if you don't have one. And finally consolidate your accounts. Take all those small retirement accounts and conslidate them. 

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