Robert Ian is reporting from Las Vegas and the housing situation is getting very ugly there as in many other places. Sales are down and so are housing starts. Looks like freshly printed dollars and government manipulation can only go so far and now the market is running out of steam. 

The videos from the Second Liberty Master Mind Symposium are online now. You can order them at They're well worth the investment, we promise! That's why people keep coming back.  

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While the US is celebrating a (supposed) recovery, other big parts of the global financial system are behaving as if some sort of deflationary crash is just around the corner. In Europe, for instance, interest rates are not just declining, they’re plunging. Where it all ends is anybody's guess. John and I explore the possibilities. 

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Darrly Schoon has been ahead of the monetary collapse curve since 2007. Here's what he's saying now. Capitalism, the bankers’ three hundred year-old ponzi-scheme, is a balancing act between the bankers’ credit and everyone else’s debt. In its optimal state, credit creates sufficient growth to pay society’s constantly compounding debts. When unable to do so, debt ispaid by borrowing against future growth and in capitalism’s end game, aggregate debt exponentially expands until it can no longer be repaid except by exponentially depreciating paper money.

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Mondays with Andrew Hoffman
Slow growth for China;
Record trade deficit for Japan;
ECB governor hinting at QE;
Ukraine falling apart;
BOE maintaing ZIRP and QE;
Indian elections happening this week tariffs history;
Yellen speaking last week more monetary accommodation;
Dimitry Specht’s book;
How the Fed is actually tapering to prove that there is a recovery. 
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