Trillion Energy’s CEO Arthur Halleran joined us for a much-anticipated sponsor update. The company is fresh from a C$22.5 million massively oversubscribed offering and how has the cash to start spudding wells. Halleran recently visited Turkey to accelerate the project and expects the first wells to be spudded later this summer. 

A lot has happened in the past 18 months. Turkish natural gas prices have more than tripled to $21 mcf and the expectation is that they will go higher still in the months ahead. There’s no end in sight to the Ukraine war and Russia has drastically curtailed European gas sales. A cold winter could lead to dramatically higher prices and Trillion is poised to profit from it. The plan is to eventually have at least 17 producing wells. While the SASB field was a prodigious producer in the past, new technology and drilling methods should lead to record production for many years ahead. Best of all capex will be low as existing infrastructure replacement according to Halleran is over C$500 million.

The company’s Bulgarian project was on the backburner till recently due to the global pandemic. It has worked to Trillion’s advantage. The company now has optionality, it can use SASB cash flow to finance production, or it can bring on a production partner. The profit potential is clear with gas now trading at $22 per mcf and Russian induced shortages are prevalent. 

We’re still extremely bullish about Trillion and continue to hold shares. 

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Ticker Symbols: OTC: TRLEF -- CSE:TCF – Frankfurt Z62 

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Credit repair expert Paul Oster comes on FSN to talk about the importance of paying off your debt—especially in our current economy. Since stimulus checks are no longer being issued, it’s time to re-acclimate and formulate a plan for debt free living. As rates go up, it will take people more money and a longer period of time to pay off debt. Once you create a plan to get out of debt, you’ll wish you had started sooner. Tune in for more insight from Paul, and visit his website for credit repair resources and coaching.

-The stimulus has run out, and defaults on housing are going up
-Early on in a down-turn, we see 30-day lates with payments
-We have to give people a chance to re-acclimate to reality
-Consumers need to pay attention to their household budget
-Middle to lower income families are the ones who are going to get hit the hardest
-This is not a housing crisis at all—many factors have had a tremendous impact on all markets
-The demand in housing is so high that it is driving prices through the roof
-Most people in debt are not in a position to pay their current bills on time, and need to meet with a financial advisor
-If we’re going to get out of debt, where is the money coming from? It ultimately comes from cutting expenses

Useful Links:
Financial Survival Network
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