Is the Twitter acquisition by Elon Musk going to happen? Or is it a strategic effort to scare the government/media elite? Eddie Yoon comes on the show to talk about Musk and his agenda for Twitter—most likely fueled by the goal of creating a larger, unified network for Internet users. For a detailed discussion of Elon Musk, Twitter, Tesla, and how a powerful individual is greatly influencing the economic scene, be sure to tune in to this episode.

-Musk feels very strongly about protecting free speech, and sees Twitter as a great medium for freely expressing thought
-He believes that he can increase cash flow/profits and make Twitter more valuable
-He sees a world that is dramatically better when a big platform (such as Twitter) realizes its full potential
-Whether or not he has the means to elevate Twitter in this way is still in question
-A board position is glamorous when all is well, but it is a very serious and demanding position
-Musk is seeking to change Twitter’s advertising
-Twitter will most likely become a mega, unified platform

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Inflation is alive, well, and prospering; how do we effectively engage with these economical conditions? Phil Streible comes on the show to talk about how we can invest in inflation with commodity prices. In order to accurately gauge where the markets are going, it’s crucial to observe which commodities were affected by the pandemic, and how they will either bounce back or further deteriorate as a result of inflation and supply/demand. Tune in for more expert insight.

-The inflationary spiral is coming upon us sooner rather than later
-By any measure, inflation is alive and prospering
-There is a way for you to invest in inflation, and this is through commodity prices
-Food and energy specifically hit consumers with the rise of inflation
-The last time natgas was this high, we were in entirely different conditions with the strike of a major hurricane
-The government may not encourage production, but will rather step out of the way so that things can get done
-We’re seeing huge production increases out of Canada
-Eventually politics will yield to reality
-Natural gas is far more important to the economy than it was back in the 70s with the oil embargo
-The inflation problem cannot be solved by raising rates; when it comes to food production and livestock, there are other factors that impact these things
-EVs are not an escape from power problems
-Copper is still trading 10-15% under all-time highs
-The takeaway on copper and oil is that the pandemic came with the all-time low of copper, and has not been the same. It’s important to look at what commodities were affected by the pandemic
-Demand will continue to increase and supply will decrease; mining costs are high
-The higher commodity prices go, the more pain they inflict on the consumer

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