I have Matthew Murawski on the show to break down what’s happening in the markets. In these circumstances, it’s crucial to zoom out and consider how they will play out in the long term. This is directly applicable to stocks such as Tesla, and inflation has an immense effect on many of these stocks. Tune in for more expert insight on what’s to come, and tips on how to strategically invest in the meantime.

-Markets are up a bit today; volatility is the word, but ultimately, they are down overall. How does this affect future planning? Matthew Murawski and I discuss his philosophy of investing
-He has a wide variety of clients (large age range)
-In a market like this, it’s all about zooming out. You have to look at stocks with a long term perspective
-High valuation stocks are down, which creates a lot of carnage for the markets
-The risk-reward for companies like Tesla is on the downside with rates going up
-There are double digit gains in imports/exports
-Once wages go up, they don’t really come back down. Inflation is here to stay for quite a while
-Volatility is an investor’s best friend; we will always have problems, but you have to have hope in a future

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