Derek Bullen’s In Defence of Wealth emphasizes the implications of an economy without wealthy individuals. In the absence of kingdoms, becoming rich in America is a more equal opportunity game, yielding a new list of wealthiest people with every generation. Modern wealth extends beyond merely inheriting money, and greatly contributes to the functioning of the economy; truthfully, societies would not be the same without it. Tune in for more insight.

-‘Rich’ is a fleeting concept; 70% of the billionaires and 80% of the millionaires in America today made their money from scratch, within their own lifetime
-Every generation has a new list of wealthy people, or a new set. It is difficult to inherit this wealth
-Certain businesses that were promising for a long time still have the potential to fail (i.e. Blockbuster)
-In order to generate wealth, you have to create something that has a purpose and will not be easily surpassed/replaced
-Many people have left the energy sector
-We need to ask why we’re still buying oil products from countries that enact major human rights violations
-We’re using resources for fuel rather than food/agriculture
-Capitalism helps to bring people out of poverty; free trade allows for money to move more freely

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Derek Bullen
In Defence of Wealth

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We sat down with Fury Gold Mines’ Chairman Ivan Bebek and CEO Tim Clark for a sponsor update. Fresh from the recent C$11 million marquee investor financing and the Dolly Varden Silver transaction, they were both extremely positive about Fury’s future. Chair Bebek is redefining his role at Fury, leaving the board to become a strategic advisor, so he can devote his expertise to several other companies he helped found. CEO Clark has firmly taken control of the reigns and has big plans for the future.

While assay lab results are due in any day, the drills are about to start turning again. Four holes are planned for Eau Claire’s Eastern Extension and three to four holes for the Western Side Hinge. Additional holes will be drilled once more is learned about the sites’ geology. The Percival project, located 14 kilometers to the east, has also been targeted for drilling. Clark believes that there’s great promise here, which was missed by an earlier historic drill program.

But perhaps the most compelling case for Fury is its relative undervaluation when compared to its peers. Fury trades at just $29 per ounce in the ground, versus $72 per ounce for similar companies (according to Beacon Securities). At a $105 million market cap, comprised of $56 million in Dolly Varden shares and a large cash position, Fury’s enterprise value is a shockingly low $35 million, making it a true value play. CEO Clark bought shares in the spring and is looking to acquire more.

While being a resource investor the past 18 months has been painful, supply shocks are coming and that will be a major driver to the sector, which is why we patiently hold our shares.

Ticker symbol NYSE American/TSX: Fury

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