In this interview I speak with Aaron Rubin, who specializes in tax and stock options. As a member of Werba Rubin Papier Wealth Management, he has a number of tips for minimizing eventual tax burden, and strategies for public and private entities. Be sure to tune in for insider information on options, especially if you want to save on taxes in the future.

-We recently heard about Elon Musk—with options in Tesla coming up. He exercised the options, which is taxable
-Musk is probably sitting on some incentive stock options
-Non-qualified stock reflects a difference on your tax return
-It increases your ability to exercise incentive stock options for no tax at all
-When you have an opportunity to sell stock, what stock do you sell? It’s important to look at what gets taxed
-When something out of the ordinary happens, there’s a chance that there’s a great opportunity ahead
-With public charities, you get the most bang for your buck
-Private foundations have their own set of rules
-If you know you’re getting stock, it’s important to exercise your stock options early
-Early exercise allows for pre-purchase—making it yours on paper sooner. You can start being taxed by the IRS, and you get taxed at zero in the beginning. As the stock bests, you don’t owe additional tax

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Japan's central bank loses control of interest rates. Is this the future of the US and Europe? Cryptos are stabilizing, but other defaults are looming so the carnage might not be over.  Energy markets in turmoil -- Germany is rationing gasoline and reactivating old coal plants to offset the lack of Russian gas.  Heat waves are disrupting the US south.and midwest.s electric grids and killing homeless people and livestock. Another reason to expect food shortages and higher prices next year.  Electricity rates are set to double. Here’s why. Tesla raises prices again and again. Commodity price increases are being passed on to consumers which will have a huge negative effect on politics and the upcoming elections.

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