The dollar isn’t doing too well under our democratic presidency. With that in mind, it’s important to think about inflation and how this dictates the future of many commodities. Here to talk about this is Eric Hadik from INSIIDE Track Trading, and he provides a technical analysis of commodities—specifically in regard to how they will pan out later this year. Tune in to hear why commodity price inflation will most likely have a significant top in Q3, and other predictions that will help prepare you for what’s to come.

-Over 2 years ago, it was said that the dollar does better when democrats are in office, but the case seems to be different today
-A governing Republican philosophy is that a lower dollar is better (increases exports)
-During the Reagan administration, a strong dollar hurt some of the American economy
-Eric’s predictions in 2016 about a top in the dollar led him to believe that a republican was going to be in office
-From a commodity price inflation perspective (i.e. grains, key commodies) commodities are probably going to have a significant top in the September/October 2022 time frame, or in the cusp of Q3/Q4
-A high, however, doesn’t necessarily consist of one uninterrupted up-trend
-The middle half of June will most likely be the next peak; energy markets will set a peak in the next 10 days, and Eric expects prices to come down
-Precious metals are entering what should be their most advantageous period
-There are isolated commodities that could still see higher levels further down the line
-Discuss two major upside price objectives for natural gas
-Natural gas could go substantially higher before it finds its level

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The markets have no place to go but down, and in response, everyone is piling out. How low are the markets, and how low is low enough? Chris Vermeulen comes on the show to put this concept into perspective. The current panic and uncertainty within the markets cause people to move to currency, which is one of the most effective ways to protect capital in these conditions. Tune in for more insight about where the markets are headed, and strategies to consider for the conceivable future.

-It’s a bloodbath today across the markets, and we haven’t seen this panic since 2021
-The problem with panic is that everything goes down (i.e. commodities, precious metals)
-Even if people don’t want to sell their positions, they have to
-When people are nervous, they move to currency
-We could still continue to see a pretty big drop and more volatility; there is still a lot of downside
-Chris predicts that we’re entering a multi-year bear market in equities
-Protecting capital and moving to cash is one of the best things you can do
-As price goes down, liquidity goes down; gold is getting slaughtered and silver is down $1 today
-We’re seeing signs of even lower prices to come
-You can avoid the bear market by moving cash and can take advantage of some of these opportunities
-We’re coming into a time where big money is made on advances and declines
-The commodity super cycle could be in effect for the next 3-5 years
-Expect to see a couple of large hedge funds bite the dust
-No one should be holding assets that are falling, and it comes down to managing positions and risks

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