We are seeing shortages, double digit inflation, and disruptions to the supply chain like never before. How can we get through these times without destroying our businesses in the process? Here to speak about this is Carl Gould, and we discuss the transition that businesses must make in light of the turn from globalization to regionalization. It’s important to consider alternate sources for obtaining supplies, and to have them readily available for unexpected circumstances. Tune in for more useful strategies.

-If you go back to 2008, the seeds were planted for the de-globalization of our supply chain
-You can’t rely on the supply chain the way you once did, and you can’t let it strangle you
-Globalization is going to turn into regionalization
-Businesses need to diversify where they get things from, which is called ‘near-shoring’
-It’s useful to get supplies from other countries that are nearby
-The concept of repurposing/reusing items is going to become more prevalent
-Instead of having 1 or 2 vendors, you should have 3-5 vendors
-In real estate, place an offer on something immediately

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I sit down and chat with Kyle Floyd, CEO and Chairman of Vox Royalty to evaluate the precious metals and what’s to come. The mining stock sector is trading at all time lows, fueled by metals prices and inflation. Nonetheless, Kyle is optimistic about the future of the markets, and tells us why we should be as well. Tune in for more insight.

-The price of gold is pinned near the 1850s, but the mining stock sector is trading at all time lows
-There is a lot of volatility in the markets, and it feels a lot like 2008
-A lot of factors that drove metals prices around 2009-2011 are still relevant today
-Kyle is excited about what’s coming in the markets
-Mining stocks have been hit because metals prices haven’t skyrocketed and inflationary pressures have been very impactful to mining companies
-We’ve been in a bear market, which doesn’t last as long as a bull market
-A market like this allows us to find better value on better projects

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