When it comes to investing, it’s a veritable minefield out there. I sit down and chat with Mariuscz Skonieczny, the creator of MicroCap Explosions, to get access to some of the advice he gives to current investors. Especially when competition is so fierce, it can be profitable to consider lesser exchanges with lower competition—this is where value abounds. Tune in to hear about Skonieczny’s strategy for finding companies to invest in so that you can take advantage of good opportunities.

-When it comes to investing, it is a veritable minefield
-Some people think resource investing is dangerous, but it can also be very profitable
-When you go to lesser exchanges, it seems that value abounds there
-The central concept is competition—this dictates most things in life
-With big exchanges, everyone is paying attention to them and there is a lot of competition
-It can be beneficial to go places with little competition, like with secondary exchanges
-Oracle Resource has a copper project in Mexico, and Skonieczny discovered this a few years back
-He started investigating this company and learned that they were involved in a legal battle over a title dispute
-How do we recognize these deals? There is no particular formula, but it’s important to have an open mind; look at all the moving parts and analyze what is happening
-Have someone within the company explain to you why you may be interested and what is going on with the company
-Success in investing is finding good opportunities and letting them play out
-Investing involves a lot of sitting and waiting—you have to be willing to be patient
-Go through every company on a particular exchange individually

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Tier One Silver CEO Peter Dembicki, joined us for a sponsor update. Recently, the company received additional high-grade channel sampling results from the Cambaya target, located at the flagship Curibaya project in Peru. These samples have defined a sizeable area, (exact size currently unknown) with grades as high as 1853 g/t of silver eq. As a result, the company applied for a 200-hole drill permit on up to 20 new drill platforms, thus greatly expanding the total number of drillable holes at Curibaya. The rainy season is fast approaching and Dembicki expects drilling to begin in Q2 of 2022, once the rains subside.

Dembicki stated that, “The Curibaya project has advanced considerably over the past six months and increased our confidence in the potential for a world-class silver discovery. The work we have done has resulted in a larger footprint of high-grade silver mineralization, seen in rock samples as well as the recent channel samples from the Cambaya target.”

Now, all Tier One Needs is for its assay lab to release their long-awaited drill results, which should help better define the scope of the discovery and make Tier One Silver even more attractive to investors. (We own shares).

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Ticker Symbols: OTCQB: TSLVF – TSX.V: TSLV

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