John Rubino and I catch up on all things in the economy starting with false information in the media—we are not receiving honest commentary on inflation, which could lead to other problems down the road. Furthermore, we discuss some of the effects of inflation in sectors such as energy, and discuss issues surrounding the Chinese real estate market and what could potentially happen.

-Is gold going to have its rally? When is it going to happen?
-Joe Rogan exposed CNN for giving false information to adhere to their own agenda
-The mainstream media is losing popularity and credibility
-Attention is shifting from corporate networks to independent journalists
-The media has lied about inflation—these lies can be fatal
-$80+ per barrel oil
-Heating bills in American homes are predicted to rise
-The whole energy complex is in an inflationary spiral
-How long does this have to continue before we see it as a psychological market shift?
-People are buying things in fear of not being able to get them later at a reasonable price
-You need to hold assets that are going to go up
-It’s better to be a debtor in an inflationary period
-Developing countries are terrified of inflation in ways that we are not
-Labor has the power to start clawing back some of the wealth taken from it
-Renting is going to be a really difficult thing to do—they will be set by people charging as much as possible
-The Chinese real estate market is the largest asset class
-Chinese real estate and US treasury seem connected


John Rubino 10-18-21

Americans’ heating bills to soar up to 50% this winter
Oil is over $80 a barrel.

Labor flexes its muscle as leverage tips from employers to workers   (wage inflation) Labor unrest is making a comeback in the USA. Wages going up is a really bad thing as far as the Fed is concerned.

Emerging market central banks raising rates because inflation is deadly there (this is big)

Potemkin store shelves

Renters are getting squeezed. Hedge funds are buying up the available housing stock and will squeeze the renter class.

Chinese real estate bubble is bursting, perhaps the largest bubble in history and creation. 75% of household assets are wrapped up in real estate.

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Inflation is affecting many areas of the economy, so how do you ensure that it doesn’t affect your retirement plan? I interview Jim Sloan to discuss this topic so that you can live life your terms in these inflationary circumstances. It’s important to educate yourself on this topic and know the facts, and look into valuable retirement plans that will benefit you in the long run. Tune in to hear more from myself and Sloan on this topic.

-Will your retirement keep up with inflation? Even with a decent return, you may face problems
-How do you live life on your terms in inflationary circumstances? It’s important to become informed and make financial decisions based on logic and actual facts
-Many peoples’ incomes are not keeping up with inflationary factors
-Inflation will probably remain around 5% in most advanced economies
-We are having increased inflation, but people should not necessarily worry about hyper-inflation
-Old models cannot be used anymore
-Fixed annuities and index annuities are worth looking at
-Not many people want to plan their income based on a life insurance policy
-Almost every insurance policy is not designed or funded correctly
-Index annuity gives client the greater potential to earn the 5%
-This year, social security benefits are going up
-A lot of people don’t know the optimal age to take social security, and this is the most important component of social security

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