In this Triple Lutz Report, I focus on what has been an increasingly prevalent topic in today’s economy: non-transitory inflation. The fed has been telling us not to worry, but the current trends say otherwise. So many commodities have already shot up in price, and more are on their way up. Tune in to hear some analyses and predictions regarding the economy, and to get an idea of what to expect in the coming months and years.

-Non-transitory inflation is the subject: the fed has been telling us not to worry, but it looks as if the situation is not getting better
-Inflation never went away—we’ve had it since the federal reserve was created, after WWI, and after WWII
-In 2020, 38% of all NatGas used in the US went towards generating electricity
-We’re going to see higher electric prices soon
-Heat is also going to rise in price
-Your largest annual expenditure is taxes—especially with indirect taxes that are hidden from consumer view
-Costs of commodities are going to increase exponentially (i.e. appliances) and your choices are limited
-Food prices are also being driven higher—and the government excludes it from the consumer price index
-The fed will have to choose the economy or the currency
-Whoever has the gold makes the rules
-US sales of guns and ammunition have catapulted forward
-All of the low trends are coming to an end—it’s time to decide what you can do to protect yourself and your family

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