Are you wondering where gold and silver prices are headed? In this episode I speak with David Erfle, who has been spot on about prices for a long time. In our conversation we break down some of the underlying factors that have affected prices—specifically corrections and the imminent quarter close. We also discuss inflation, which has played a large role in some of these fluctuations. Tune in to hear more from myself and Erfle, and get the full picture of what’s happening with the metals market.

-Where are gold and silver prices headed?
-David Erfle has been spot on about prices for a long time
-Perception is the buzz word with precious metals
-There could be a bounce before the quarter close—it’s over-sold on the short term
-Premiums have come down a bit, but in light of the last decline, they will probably shoot back up
-The stock market is due for a correction
-Gold stocks have gone from being hated, to investors being apathetic
-In instances like this, you want to still be leveraged with stocks and still have a large cash position
-The catalyst to push gold prices higher could be an official taper announcement at the next Fed meeting
-Gold price will get hit more with a mediocre NFP
-Everything is going up in price—commodities, natgas, etc.
-Real inflation is here to stay
-We are trying to solve a sovereign debt crisis with more debt
-Insurance is on sale; the insurance is gold

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To catch up on economic trends, I sit down with Gordon T. Long and talk all things economy including the precious metals, inflation, and the supply chain. There are problems ahead as we have said before, and we’re seeing some of these now in equity markets. Some of the latest concerns include liquidity shock, global growth shock, supply shock, and Chinese credit. Tune in to hear more from myself and Long about how these debacles came about, and what to expect in the coming months.

-What are the economic trends?
-Long states that there are problems ahead—we’re seeing these now in equity markets
-Silver is getting crushed; gold has hardly moved
-Silver is so prevalent in electronics
-Silver dropping means that there is a global growth concern since the dollar is spiking in parallel
-We are seeing a liquidity shock, global growth shock, supply shock/demand shock, and Chinese credit
-We are seeing higher commodity prices/higher consumer prices
-If all money is going into buying assets, it’s not turning money
-Inflation is looming
-Labor costs are going up—there is a shortage of workers
-There is a downside on precious metals before we hit the bottom

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