Cryptos have become increasingly prevalent, but does this leave room for the precious metals? I sit down and talk to Joshua Scigala, who is very well versed in both digital and tangible modes of currency. Interestingly enough, Scigala says that the two can and should coexist. Fundamental changes in the banking system demand that we find new ways to cultivate value—this is where crypto becomes crucial. Tune in to hear about the interplay between differing currencies and how we can view them in sync.

-Cryptos have been very high—but the same is not the case for the precious metals
-What is the future of cryptos? It is extremely bright
-We have rare digital assets
-An unfortunate misunderstanding exists between gold and crypto enthusiasts
-Gold and crypto can work beautifully together
-Charging interest that doesn’t exist in the system is fundamentally corrupt
-Inflation steals everyone’s wealth
-The schooling system doesn’t address where money comes from, and the banking mechanism is fundamentally flawed
-There has been a fundamental change in what banking is
-Don’t fight the existing system; build something new
-Put your skepticism aside and consider whether the concept of a rare number could be real
-Digital files have never been good for anything rare
-Put a little bit of money in on a regular basis
-Governments will never completely agree on crypto

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As our economy drifts into bankruptcy and financial crisis, we are experiencing a widespread loss of trust. I sit down and chat with John Rubino to dissect this, and it seems that we are within a system and cycle that isn’t working so well anymore. We discuss tax changes, healthcare issues, debt, and some of the factors that are ultimately creating a larger controversy.

-There has been a major loss of trust—people are perceiving things as either dishonesty or incompetence as we drift into bankruptcy and financial crisis
-Don’t try to change the system; leave it
-The US and Europe are tax havens in some areas
-New York is letting go 70,000 unvaccinated healthcare workers, which is going to create a massive shortage in healthcare workers
-When interest rates goes up, that means that market participants demand them to go up before lending money to anyone
-The yields on US government debts are starting to rise in response to inflation
-Other countries have to pay more to borrow—dollar denominated debt
-Many small problems will eventually create a larger energy crisis
-Energy and food are quite closely related
-Water is also skyrocketing in price—requires energy to get delivered to your home

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‘Pandora papers’ reveal how world leaders dodge millions in taxes <>  

NY deploys National Guard to replace 70,000 unvaccinated health workers 
Facebook’s covid fact-checker is funded by vaccine lobby <> 

$2.2 million raised for Marine in brig after criticizing Afghan chaos <>

Look at all the millionaires in Congress <> (1% of Americans are millionaires, but 50% of congressmen are)

Fauci says ‘too early to tell’ if Americans can celebrate Christmas <>


If we have time ...
Specter of Treasury rout comes at grim time for emerging markets <>

Ford’s sales improving but still down by 27.4% in the third quarter <>

German power plant halted after it runs out of coal <>

Evergrande crisis drives China gold buying higher <> 

India’s gold imports surge as prices correct ahead of festivals <>


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