How are people becoming so successful by getting involved real estate investing? Zack Boothe comes on the podcast to give us some insider knowledge on how he not only became a full time real estate investor, but started securing high-profit deals by doing so. He presents a concept called ‘driving for dollars,’ and is eager to share some of his expert advice. Tune in for more.

-Zack Boothe is an expert in what I like to call “drive-by real estate investing”
-Boothe wants to share the seven reasons why driving for dollars is the fastest way to make a fortune in real estate investing. A free PDF is linked below
-This strategy allowed him to become a full-time real estate investor
-Boothe has been utilizing his YouTube channel, doing exciting investment challenges, and he recently launched his podcast
-Real estate wholesaling is assigning/selling a purchase agreement
-You can get a property under contract that allows you to sign it to someone else
-He just did his first six-figure assignment through selling an agreement
-He uses an app called Deal Machine to find properties, and he reaches out to sellers
-Even larger deals like this can be completed in just over a week if you have a good strategy
-The foundation of any real estate investing business is generating discounted opportunities
-There is never a bad time to get into real estate investing
-There are incredible profit margins—in Boothe’s case, it is around 80%
-This allows him to have financial and time freedom
-If you’re looking to get started in this industry, make sure you have a coach that can guide you along—you will end up saving a lot.
-Look for a coach that has a heart of a teacher and is helping other people succeed. Make sure it is someone that you like and trust

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Driving For Dollars 7 Reasons Free Guide

'He Turned $1000 Into $93,000 in 30 Days' with Zack Boothe

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We’ve been seeing car/chip shortages, and prices that are through the roof…what exactly is happening in the automobile industry? I sit down and chat with Heath, who is with Ultimate Car Negotiators and has an acute awareness of the trends with vehicle production and sales. The shortage right now is as real as it gets, and it’s something that we’ll need to get used to for a while. Tune in to get advice on some of the things you can do to adjust, as well as changes to be aware of in the realm of buying, selling, and repairing cars.

-We’ve discussed cars, car shortages, prices that are through the roof…what is happening?
-Heath is the ultimate car negotiator
-The shortage is as real as it gets—dealerships are emptying as a result of the lack of car production
-Used cars have gone up about 28% in the past year
-Used cars are becoming the only option
-There is a substantial chip shortage going on—perhaps purposely to maximize profits
-It will probably be fifteen months before things return to a more normal circumstance
-Car dealers are antsy to get more vehicles produced
-There is also a shortage of mechanics to work on cars
-A lot of people now are waiting to get what they want
-People are also becoming more flexible in regard to what car they’re willing to buy
-It will become necessary to order what you want, and wait for it to arrive
-Prices of parts have gotten so high that it is a lot harder to extend the lives of older cars
-Every car now is a “hard-to-get” car

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