A look at where we’ve been and where we’re going and where we are now. Mark recently produced a video entitled “Celebrate the Pandemic.” To Mark, the Pandemic was a glimpse into what retirement could be like. For some, they embraced the virtual world. For many road warriors it was a wake up call. Some people are looking at the event and handing in their retirement papers. Others have simplified their careers and are spending more time with friends and family. It was a great way to gain some perspective on their lives and their direction. 


A lot of money left the market after the March 2020 crash and continued to stay on the sidelines. Markets go up and markets go down, sometimes due to internal reasons and other times due to pandemics and other external factors. This illustrates why it’s necessary to have a plan that balances risk and return. Mark’s clients had very little agnst during the March Crash. Proof that planning can save much stress and worry. 

Go to Mark’s site www.55Retire.com and figure out how to live out your best retirement scenario. 

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Arwen was being interviewed for a video and she talked about her mom. Money was tight and her mother was confronted with a challenge. And she handled it! Arwen was inspired to write the book and tell her mother’s and her own story. 

The take away, Arwen wants women to be inspired. There’s a large portion of the female population that hasn’t been educated to make correct decisions. And they often find themselves alone, either through divorce or death. And women often avoid the subject altogether. They need help to solve the money riddle in a way that the average financial book falls short of doing. 

Financial Adviser, National Speaker, and Podcast Host Arwen Becker shares her raw trials and triumphs, helping the reader grasp that, after a very rough start and many mistakes, "She Handled It, So Can You!"

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