For Gold/Silver/Miners Chris wants to see gold rise to 1870 and then break the 1960 level. That will be the sign that the new gold bull market has begun. Right now the miners are outperforming the medal and the market in general. Chris isn’t trying to pick a bottom. The break-out will be a lot like July 2020. Then we’ll see an intense 1 to 2 month rally. China buying hasn’t taken off as best we can tell, despite the news to the contrary. Additionally, the general public is nowhere near wanting to buy metals yet. Largely due to no fear coming from the stock market. We could be years away from that, it’s a long journey to the upside. 

Copper has blasted to the upside. $4.50 is the next resistance point after which we could see it go much higher. Lumber has had a massive rally. It’s a feeding frenzy in the real estate market. No one cares about the price and everyone is fighting over it. But for how long? 

What will stop the housing market? As Chris describes it, there’s a huge lag in this market. There’s not going to much affect for 3-5 years. Increasing rates will put some pressure on the market. Lot’s of REIT’s for every appetite and many are paying high monthly dividends. REIT’s and EFT’s could be the way to play real estate. Great for Millennials. They don’t want to buy homes but they can still be real estate investors. 

Bitcoin down 16% in the last 3-4 trading days. Over the past couple of years, the last 4 pullbacks have all been double digits, but they’re getting smaller and tighter. Could go to 74k or down to 35k. Its a raging bull market. It’s a bit oversold. It’s super risky. Coinbase could be the gamechanger. Will there be a 2017 replay? 

What sectors of the market are doing what? Stock market is getting a little over done on the S&P 500, starting see defensive plays outperform. Ripe for pullback. Put call ratio is extremely low. We had the March deep correction and then there was a rebound so no one felt the pain. Eventually doomsday will be here. That’s when the trader make his stand. You always need to know your downside and fix your losses. Position and risk management are what it’s all about. If you don’t you’ll give it all back. 

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Yet Another Ridiculous Stock Market Bubble, In Three Charts (about margin debt going through the roof)

Crypto volatility: Coinbase goes public and announces that its insiders are dumping most of their stock, bitcoin tanks while dogecoin goes soars. One guy claims to have turned a stimmy check into a million dollars in dogecoin. 

Email from Alex: Wouldn't that be a great business, bitcoin wallet recovery service. Whoever figures this out will make a killing.

In San Fran, twice as many people died of drug overdoses as from covid.

Michigan mandates that 2-year-olds be masked. 

Western states on the verge of their first-ever water shortage declaration, impairing hydropower. 

China expands its gold import quotas, prepping for a gold-backed digital yuan?

Tesla passengers killed because no one was in driver's seat. Self-driving cars are a long way off. But stupid people are definitely here. 

Two killed while not driving a Tesla. Self-driving is quite there yet.


Also, Quantum computers, have you ever noticed that they are made of a particular shiny yellow metal? 

For shadowing maybe?  

Email: I am 78 years old. Am I going to get my vaccine passport? HELL NO!!!!!!   I am old enough to remember freedom. I will not bend or bough down to the "Globalist Gods".

John Rubino - so unpretentious, he mentioned his tesla puts once when he was well out of the money on them and once only after that, but I am sure he cleaned up on them since)

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