Orefinders and Mistango Resources just announced a strategic partnership with major producer Kirkland Lake Gold that should propel the shares of both companies forward. Stephen Stewart, CEO of our sponsor Orefinders Resources and Chairman of Mistango River Resources joined us to explain the significance of the event. We were quite interested considering we’re an Orefinders shareholder. Stephen was excited to discuss the new JV agreement, option and equity investment that he believes is a transformational event for the companies. They’ve now got $15 million in cash along with a major technical boost from Kirkland’s renowned team which ideally situates them to make significant discovers.


While Stephen admits some of the potential upside was relinquished in the deal, he believes the benefits far out way the costs. We all know that mining is a very risky business and he views this transaction as a de-risking event.

Much of the Orefinders/Mistango projects adjoin Kirkland’s Flag Ship Macassa Mine, one of the highest-grade mines in the word, so the synergies are quite apparent. The earn-in aspect of the deal could see Kirkland owning up to 75% of both companies and insures that things will move forward to the benefit of all. Definitely exciting times for all three companies.

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Noted tax expert and all around good guy is sounding the alarm on the insane tax increase being proposed by the Biden Admin. It will destroy incentives to works and send the US further down the socialist rate hole. No one should be surprised as this is what he ran on. But you can expect that taxes are going to go up not just for the rich, but for the middle class as well. It always works this way because there just aren’t enough rich people to tax. Get ready for rough times ahead. 

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Jamie Keech is Founder of Resource Insider and a Partner at Inventa Capital. We sat down with him to get his latest take on resource investing. He is a copper super-bull.

Last time we spoke Jamie said to keep an eye on copper and here we are at 10 year highs. $6 copper is coming. Some analysts believe that it could go to $8-10 range. We have massively diminshed global supply and haven’t reinvested nearly enough. We’re going through the green revolution. The powers that be have made the decision to move towards green energy and away from petroleum. These transitions have taken place throughout history. They’ve always moved from less dense energy sources to more dense. Until now, we’re moving to a less dense form of energy. They’re not easy to store or transport.

You can’t  have any green transition without major increases in mining for the commodities. BC has a lot of copper. These mines are hydro-powered. Surge copper could be highly desirable, clean production, and will go for a premium.

Jamie recently joined Inventa Capital, which is designed to incubate new mining companies. It’s an extension to what he had been doing at Resource Insider, helping retail investors get into the game earlier. Platinum has been a very difficult play because the mines aren’t in particularly desireable areas of the world. These factors could be the very reasons that platinum continues its recent rise.

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