Stock markets took off again in March: Dow added 6.6% to 32982, S&P 500 up 4.3%, Nasdaq finished flat, Russell 2000 up another 1%, TSX added 3.9% TSX.V down a big 6.5%. VIX down to a calmer 18.95. Dollar was up 2.5% to 93.24 and Euro down 2.8% to. 10 Year yield skyrocketed to 1.74%. Bitcoin went parabolic again up 23.4% to a record 58804. Gold off 1.5% to 1709. Silver off 8.6% to 24.41. PT pretty much flat. PD rose 13.4%  for the month to 2528. Dr. Copper down 4.2% to $4.01, breaking $4 per pound. WTI off 3.8% to 59.16. Brent off 3.9% to 63.54. Natgas off 5.8% to a still anemic 2.66. Uranium ran up impressive 11.7% to $31.13. 

Ratios: Au/Ag 70 - Pt/Au .69 - Pt/Pd .47 - BRT/WTI 1.07 WT/HH 22.7 and AU/WTI coming back down to earth 28.9.

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Wayne Winegarden opines, "If the fight for $15 minimum wage is successful, it will impose far more costs than benefits. Not only are minimum wage proponents distorting the population impacted, but they also fail to understand the economic trade-offs required. To understand the trade-offs, it is helpful to review the financials of a typical retail business, which is the sector where the vast majority of minimum wage workers are employed. Based on the average annual revenue of a small retailer ($262,092), and the average cost structure, a pro-forma financial statement of a small retailer looks something like Table 1, which illustrates that based on the current costs of running a retail store, the average small retailer earns about $43,000 in profits annually."

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The lockdowns implemented by a number of states to control covid have been devastating to small businesses across the nation. Smaller businesses have gotten the short end of the stick. Many businesses have closed. Some entrepreneurs will rise from the ashes and others won’t. Unless you’ve got the cash to start a new business, it will be very difficult. The last man standing will be the winner. As an entrepreneur you need to shift and need to plan for the next pandemic. Chapter 11 could be your best friend. Many businesses who could have gotten aid under the CARES Act. Much of the public often didn’t understand how to take advantage of the program. There’s a lack of interpretive advisors who can help you actually apply the programs to your needs. 

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