A major increase in inflation is ahead and the Fed isn’t gonna do anything about it. A lot of people are oblivious to this fact and they’re in for a shock as is the stock market. This should be good news for gold and the mining sector. Powell is talking the talk, but he’s not about to walk the walk. He says that it will be temporary and therefore, it doesn’t warrant a  response. The stage is set for a conflict between inflation and the stock market. Will asset value inflation continue onward and upward. The coming bout of inflation, gasoline up 60%. It will add two percent all by itself. Supply chain disruptions mean less vehicle sales and reduction of discounts. The chip shortage is severe. Issues at the ports, not enough trucks or dock capacity to handle it. We could see the headline CPI jump as much as 3.5% and the core rate will follow it. If an when the 10 year gets above 2%, yields will then drop, temporarily. 

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Is the economy overheating?

-- soaring home prices

-- huge jump in March auto sales 

-- jobs growth blew away expectations

-- 10-year yield over 1.7%

-- SuperMario video game from the 1980s sells for $600,000

-- Stocks hit all-time highs on the jobs report

What happens if inflation and interest rates spike at some time? 

Where is the Fed when you need them the most? 

Does government have to shift to tightening this year? 


Is all news, good and bad, good news for the markets? 

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