Craig Hemke a/k/a Turd Ferguson joined us for an analysis of current precious metals prices. The last four years have been a lesson in counter-intuitiveness according to Craig. After QE1 and QE2, gold prices increased 70 percent each time. The question is why didn't that happen after QE3? What's been happening to the metals markets and all the other markets during that past four years? Some believe that they are rigged and will continue to be rigged until something major happens. Certainly the wars in the Ukraine and the Middle East should be bullish for gold and yet it continues to fall. There's obviously more to the story than meets the eye. 

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Nadine Lajoie has done many things in her life. Professional motorcycle racer, author, financial planner, consultant, business coach and much more. She even sang a little song for us during the interview. Who would ever believe that for much of her earlier life she constantly contemplated suicide? And yet she never gave up hope and she kept on going. Today, she shares her story and her hope to inspire others to follow their passion and to follow their dreams. An amazing woman who doesn't know how to quit!

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Don Mazzella thinks that the 2014 midterm election is one of the most important ones we'll see in our lifetimes. He's genuinely alarmed at the abuses taking place by the current adminstration. While there's many problems with the republicans, he sees a republican senate/congress as the country's best hope. Whether it's too late or not is an open question. 

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