David Gurwitz of Charles Nenner Research joined us for a look at the leading markets. Obviously the precious metals have taken a hit recently. However, David sees a tradable low coming in a few short weeks. Crude oil also is trending lower but will be going up as well. Look for the Aussie Dollar to resume its climb too. We touched on a number of other markets as well. Apple seems poised to continue hitting new all time highs, which David/Charles called over a year ago. Always interesting and make sure you pay attention to the war and weather cycles.They're affecting us all the time. 

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Danielle Barbieri is an entrepeneur who has created a unique site for couponers. It's well organized and helps you find coupons for commonly purchased items. She's rapidly expanding the site and in the New Economy, it's just what you make-it's what you keep. Danielle saves thousands every year and wants you to do the same. The site is picr.com. Check it out. 

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Kip Marlow, like your host, is a serial entrepreneur. He also helps others, especially young people, to follow their dreams and their passions and start new businesses. It's not always easy, but it certainly beats the rat race. Kip's got a radio show and he is very dedicated to his mission. Sounds like a great formula for success. 

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