Jeff Berwick thought he had fournd paradise. He was going to co-develop Galt's Gulch Chile. Instead he's lost hundreds of thousands and damaged his reputation. He says he was duped along with numerous other investors. There's a lesson in it for Jeff and for you too. Beware of the sociopath, they're lying in wait for you and for me!

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How does an ordinary guy like Craig Bergman go on to make a movie that's going to be released in 700 theaters across the nation on October 14? It's an interesting story. Unfair the Movie details the corruption and perversion that's taken place at the nation's tax collector, the IRS. It's about abuse of power and abuse of citizens. But Bergman's work doesn't stop there. After the movie airs, there's going to be a panel discussion that deals with solutions, abolishing the dreading agency and instituting a national sales tax in its place. We love solutions at FSN

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Frank Vernuccio is editor-in-chief of New York Analysis of Policy & Government121. He believes that the Obama administration is clueless when it comes to the proper functioning of government and its use of power, both within the US and outside. When it comes to the IRS, the Justice Department, Bengazi and a host of other situations and scandals, Vernuccio says the administration acts not from legal and constitutional prinicipals, but rather from its own set of prinicipals, which don't appear to be written down anywhere and are completely unpredictable and unknowable. 


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Michelle Seiler-Tucker is sick of society's prevalent attitude that somehow two wrong's make a right. In Ferguson, MO, the rioters somehow mistakenly believed that if Michael Brown was wrongfully killed (which of course is still an open question) they could take matters into their own hands and riot and loot innocent businesses in their quest for justice. Michelle feels that it's time for people to start taking responsiblity for their actions and allow the system to work.

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