Craig Lack is a best selling author and widely acknowledged expert on Obamacare and health insurance benefits. If there's a silver lining to this cloud, Craig has found it. Under the law, it is now possible to incentivize healthy behavior and pass on the savings that result from it. Therefore, if you can get your employees to live a healthier lifestyle and keep their premiums down, you can share the savings. There's other ways to save and avoid the mandates as well, you just have to know where to look, which Craig explains. 

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Just when it looked like the fun was about to begin, Detroit's noisiest and perhaps most obnoxious creditor, bond insurer Syncora agreed to a settlement. It's clearly a case of the squeeky wheel getting the oil. Initally they were slated to lose $400 million, most of it going to keep the insolvent Detroit pension fund paying out to retirees. Now, they will lose much less and the bankruptcy will move ahead much faster, everybody's a winner, right? 

The famous Lion's Share slot machine at Vegas's MGM Grand Casino finally paid off after 20 years. The lucky winners took down $2.4 million dollars and will get to keep the lucky machine. If only it had paid off at the Liberty Mastermind Symposium, yours truly would not be writing this column now. 

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Gerard Francis Lameiro Ph.D. is an author, philosopher, economist, and engineer. His latest book is Renewing America andIts Heritage of Freedom. Dr. Lameiro believes that it's not too late to save the country from the progressives who are trying to turn it into a socialist haven. It's up to us all to take action to save it and make it better than it's ever been before. 

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