Danielle Park joined us for our bi-weekly chat. Seems like there's trouble in the wealth creation paradise known as Wall Street. How much more money can you borrow to jack up your stock price? How much more debt can the world run up before it has to address the underlying systemic problems that led to the 2008-09? The point is that we're rapidly reaching the point where the need for solutions will no longer be able to be put off any longer. When that day arrives, who will stand up to the financial sector and do the right thing? 

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Rick Ackerman is concerned about gold's future course. If prices keep falling and it breaks technical support, Rick thinks it could drop as low as $820. But that's just from a technical standpoint. The reality could and probably will be quite different. As far as the stock market is concerned, Rick has never been a raging bull, but that's no reason not to make money. He doesn't see much upside potential, but still could see the bull keep going for a while longer. He's focusing more on the tresaury market now, where he's sees many low risk, high profit opportunities. Much to think about in these uncertain times. 

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Howard Davidowitz, well known consultant and turnaround expert, is unhappy with the state of affairs in America today. He says there's no leadership and that the appearance of prosperity is being fed by record amounts of debt. The situation can't continue on indefinitely and won't have a happy ending. However, Howard has not lost hope. He believes that the right person will be elected and will help turn it all around. He's seen it happen before in New York City and he believes that it will happen again in Washington, D.C. 

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