Today, Val Hughes comes on the podcast to discuss active management, public/private equity, and the leveling of the playing field that is occurring in the current market. We talk about many of the changes that have occurred over the years that cause companies to function differently, and how the economy is growing in areas where you don’t need a lot of capital to be involved. Tune in to hear some insight from Hughes about a variety of financial topics, and to also get general advice pertaining to the current investing climate.

-If humans can’t beat a computer at chess, then how can they win in investing? Does it require someone that understands businesses and finances?
-Why do you need active management when CEOs and accountants frequently mislead?
-ETFs act as a distribution system, but are different from mutual funds
-ETFs trade on the exchange, so there’s no platform fee
-They are only a few spots where active management can win, like in small cap value investing
-Small cap value is the best performing asset class, and the data goes back to 1928
-If you like puzzles, there are still puzzles to solve in small cap value that can deliver alpha
-The trend of concentration - companies buy out competitors and consolidate the industries
-Publicly traded stocks have declined and companies buy out their own shares, becoming a homogeneous blob
-Why are there public companies? They came about to raise money to build things that individuals couldn’t afford on their own
-It’s a richer world now and we don’t need as much public money
-More of the economy is growing in areas where you don’t need a lot of money
-The government is turning our public companies into more of a social good
-Is private equity good or bad? You have to get back to the purpose of a company
-Private equity is still in the business of turning equity into a bigger equity, creating new niches within a service/product
-It is important to promise rewards to innovators so that they don’t stop—they fuel decades of hard work
-Robinhood Reddit phenomena - bringing something to the masses that used to belong to middle men. Technology is disruption the traditional process
-There has been a leveling of the playing field, and the professional investors have to compete with the guys on the streets. These two camps evaluate different criteria, one being the value of companies/what the stock is going to do and the other entails looking at what the game says it’s going to do. They don’t care about the actual attributes of the company
-Within small cap equities, there are products that serve needs
-It’s good for investors to talk to people on the street daily

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Wall Street exists to make money for itself, so how do you make money for you? Today we invite Joey Mure and Russ Morgan on the podcast to talk about financial freedom—which is at its peak when your passive income exceeds your monthly expenses. They discuss how every individual has unique traits when it comes to investing, and some of the resources that their company offers help you discover how to utilize these.

-Sometimes the people who you think are your friends aren’t—this is especially applicable to Wall Street. Wall Street exists to make money for itself—it’s about survival of the species
-How do we get rid of Wall Street?
-Relates to the food business—they've evolved into an industry that gives markets things with no value
-Financial freedom occurs when passive income exceeds your monthly expenses
-Mindset is everything: if you’re investing time into learning how to become more financially successful, then you will continue to grow
-People haven’t given themselves a license to dream—Wall Street only thinks about the here and now
-You need to think about what unique traits you can give to the world
-Wade Pfau is a go-to person in the industry when it comes to retirement income
-What investments bring this ‘infinite wealth’ about? Having your own business can be a method for maintaining active and passive income
-Some business owners, however, don’t know how to replace themselves eventually and allow it to become passive income for them
-You need to have a plan that is unique to you: what sort of an investor are you? People can make the same investment but have different results
-Apply your abilities and talents to your investing
-Build a community
-If you focus on one thing and do it repeatedly, it will become a reality

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Wealth Without Wall Street

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Today we have Chris Miles, self-proclaimed anti-financial advisor, on the podcast to tell us the truth about investing in this day in age. He outlines some of the tried and true strategies that many financial advisors don’t acknowledge, and gives advice on how you can re-prioritize your investments to attain financial freedom. Tune in to hear tips from Chris and to learn about the concepts in the financial sector that really do work.

-Miles calls himself the anti-financial advisor, which is good in this day in age
-Things don’t go up forever—they must come down eventually
-Miles started off as a mainstream financial advisor - “live on rice and beans” and save everything
-All of financial advising is different combinations of the same things
-Consider how many of your clients are financially free, and if you’re profiting off of the investments you’ve been recommending
-Mutual funds are not the way to go
-Miles decided he couldn’t keep teaching concepts that didn’t work
-A lot of strategies put forth by financial advisors mean that retirement will be extremely delayed
-It’s not about working smarter, but working right. Work on creating efficiency
-Miles tells people to buy real assets—don’t invest for appreciation
-They’re not going to get rid of social security, but it’s not a good idea to bank on it
-Personal responsibility creates freedom

Useful Links:
Financial Survival Network
Money Ripples
The Chris Miles Money Show

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We sat down with sponsor Tier One Silver’s management team to discuss the just released results of Curibaya’s first ever drill hole. According to Peter Dembicki (President & CEO) the hole represents a major targeting breakthrough. While it didn’t intersect the underlying feeder structure, the data obtained has been utilized in the fourth hole, which has crossed multiple feeder structures. Highly experienced Exploration SVP David Smithson is quite confident that this hole is going to be significant. The modeling and drill processes utilized at Curibaya are extremely dynamic and hole one’s results have been crucial to determining hole four’s drilling trajectory.

However, some things just can’t be controlled, like assay lab turnaround time. While delays have continued, the team has kept up its breakneck pace. They’re now sending the lab smaller 150-meter samples to help speed things along. The plan moving ahead is focused on 5 identified feeder structures that have shown high-grade on surface. The existing permit is being modified to allow drilling on a dry river bed lying between the Madre and Sama feeders. Other permit changes will allow Tier One to pursue newly mapped structures that also have high-grade on surface.

To Co-Chair Ivan Bebeck, these results are leading to exactly what’s been promised, a major new discovery which will drive the company’s existing stock price many times higher. Upcoming news will end the market’s indifference to the company. As he has said many times before, “The bigger you look for something, the harder it is to get there…The system is real, the rocks are real, the mineralization is real…everything they want to see is there, and it’s better than they thought it would be. This is absolutely a real system.” The first hole is the most important one, as it sets the tone for the entire project; Bebek believes this is just the beginning of a great run.

Company website:

 Ticker symbols OTCQB: TSLVF – TSX-V: TSLV

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National Emergency - McDonalds’ milk shake machines are broken and can’t get fixed.

Huge job miss today and GDP estimates are being scaled back. This has become an administration of misses. Across the board loss of confidence.

We discussed rising commodity prices. Some of the numbers were absolutely staggering and downright scary. Natgas up 118%. gasoline 85% and the list goes on and on.

In a fiat based system loss of confidence is fatal, just like the 1970’s. Back then we had double digit interest rates and much less debt.

Can tech bail us out, while we’re blowing up the economy?

Finance will swamp technology in the short run. Prepare yourself now. It's coming.

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What does the future look like in the tech world? Today we have Eric Pilon-Bignell on the podcast to discuss the current realm of tech, as well as what to expect in the future. We live in a fast paced world and have found ourselves in the fourth industrial evolution—to where advancements such as AI and 3D printing are changing the way that we live as well as how larger scale industries run. Tune in to get an inside view of the tech sphere and to think further about how it is functioning in our economy.

-What is the future going to look like in terms of tech?
-Looking ahead to the future, what trends are we seeing and how do we make money off of them
-We started with the industrial revolution—we are now on our fourth. We need to consider what we need in order for this revolution to progress
-We live in a fast, interesting world, and we are now seeing many specifics within technology and exploding trends (i.e. buzz words like AI)
-Anytime we take physical offerings and digitize them, it leads us somewhere new (i.e. peloton)
-There are blurry boundaries of how we are progressing, and it’s hard to predict what will take off first
-Self driving vehicles have the potential to affect people in certain jobs, as well as specific markets, such as insurance companies. It’s not going to happen overnights, but we can see the indicators
-It’s hard to place blame on something operated by Artificial Intelligence
-If you invested in Blackberry, Nokia, and Apple, what you made from Apple would have cancelled out the losses of the others.
-Aerial technology and 3-D printing give way to a lot of opportunity in production
-3D printing lessens the need to drive around and deliver large quantities of product, and overall it changes many industries

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Economical concepts can be extremely intricate, but Matthew Scott’s new children’s book The Illusion of Money breaks down the creation and functioning of money into simpler terms for the young reader. The plot is lighthearted and centers around a kingdom that acquires a new ruler; he creates the concept of paper money allegedly backed by gold. It is a fun story that essentially gets children to think about how money works without getting too complex. Tune in to hear more about Scott’s book and some of the inspiration behind the story.

-Matthew is American and studied finance in the US. He has always been interested in how money is created
-He went to Austria and took an alternate career path because he could not speak German—he took the English teaching route and then started teaching at university, working kids camps, etc.
-Matthew recently wrote a children’s book called The Illusion of Money
-How money comes to be, gets destroyed, and functions are all very complex concepts, so it is intriguing to look at how Scott describes them in simpler terms
-Scott started with children’s books to make use of his financial expertise without merely writing a larger nonfiction book centered around finance
-The book is a fun story with the intention of getting children to think about the nature of money
-It takes place in a kingdom where the king has died, and there is no heir to the throne
-The new king promises paper money, but there is no gold to back it, which causes a surplus of inflation, and leads the kingdom towards near collapse
-Ludwig rounds up his friends, and they try to exchange their paper money for gold
-The king refuses, so they overthrow the kingdom
-Money creation is ultimately a form of wealth extraction
-The story doesn’t even mention the term ‘inflation,’ but frames this concept in a way that is digestible for young readers
-A scheme where money is created out of nowhere
-The kickstarter campaign for the book is launching September 7th and will have early bird deals
-It should be available on Amazon around early November

Useful Links:
Financial Survival Network
The Illusion of Money


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Are you looking to dive into the housing market? If so, mortgage expert Debbie Bloyd advises you to buy now, as rates could go up more in the next year. Currently we are seeing more people buying at increased rates—surpassing asking prices. As families and the lives of many are changing, the housing market is changing as well. It’s time to get informed on what you need to do in order to enter the market and find what you’re looking for. Tune in to get useful pointers from an expert on what is happening in the industry, and what we can expect in the next few months.

-The market is down; mortgage rates are lower
-In terms of the housing market, will lower rates really improve housing?
-A lot of people have become disenchanted with the bidding system and we need to reset people’s expectations of how it is going to be
-If you’re going to buy, you should buy now—rates could go up more next year
-The numbers are up in the top 20 cities in the US. You could be paying 12% more than you did last year
-More people are buying at an increased rate because people are surpassing asking prices; individuals are buying no matter what
-People are reducing prices in some areas, especially Florida
-A lot of people want to list for more, even if their house doesn’t necessarily back the price
-It can be good for a house to be move-in ready—not all buyers want to move in and start renovations right away
-Families are changing a lot right now, which means that the housing situation is also changing
-We are also seeing many changes in how we do business
-A house is not a right; it’s a privilege and you need to have the credit/income/qualifications in order to get what you are looking for
-You may have to relocate to get the property you are looking for; it’s important to be willing to expand your range
-If you want to get in the market, get in now!
-Loans are available, but not everyone is a good candidate

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Dlb Mortgage Services Facebook
Debbie Bloyd TikTok

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It's an exciting time for our sponsor Aurcana Silver and it's CEO Kevin Drover, as well as its shareholders (including us). For the first time in ages, a new American silver mine has started producing silver. It's been a challenge, but they've beaten the odds. Drover expects positive cash flow starting in October. Initial expectations are for approximately 270 tons per day of rock going through the mill and then rising soon to 500 tons per day. Due to inflation, cost per ounce is somewhat above the original estimate of $8, however the initial ore grades are coming in much higher than expected. If it continues this way, annual mine production and profit could increase substantially.

Getting the Texas based Shafter mine into production is next on Drover's list. When all is said and done, Aurcana could eventually be producing 8-9 million silver ounces per year, which would put it firmly in the mid-tier producer camp. He's also exploring a nearby acquisition candidate that includes another 500 ton per day mill. It's just a short distance from the now producing Revenue Virginius mine.

The company has made the transition to silver production. Now it's a matter of leveraging its current position to make sound acquisitions and to get the Shafter mine working. Aurcana's future has never looked brighter.



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For the month of August, the stock market was generally up with dips in a few areas. Dow was up 1.2% 35361 and S&P 500 added 2.9% to 4523, Nasdaq was up 4.7%. Russell 2000 was up 2.1% to 2273, TSX added 1.5%, and TSX.V slammed for 3.1% decline. VIX dropped to 16.5. The Dollar went up 0.5% to 92.66 and the Euro went down 0.5%. 10 Year yield went up 4% to 1.3. Bitcoin recovered 13.5% to 46957. Gold stayed right at 1814. Silver was off 6.1% to 23.9. Pt off 3.4% to 1008. Pd was down 7.4% for the month to 2406. Copper rose 4.29% to $4.29. WTI down 7% to 68.50. Brent down 4.2% to 72.88. Natgas shot up again adding 7.9% to bring it to 4.38. Uranium rose 6.8% to $34.63, again extending the up trend. 

Ratios:  Au:Ag rose to 75.9, Pt:Au .56, Pt:Pd .42. BRT:WTI 1.06, WTI:HH 15.6, and AU:WTI 26.5.  

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How do you get your digitally marketed business to stand out amongst thousands of others? Today, Kris Reid comes on the podcast to give us some strategies that utilize web dynamics and SEO optimization—ensuring your website will take off with the right approach. It is crucial to choose your market audience widely, and identify a valuable niche that makes your services stand out. Tune in today to get indispensable advice from Reid about marketing in the digital age, and how you can utilize these tools more effectively.


-How do you get your digitally marketed business to catch the attention of others?

-Riches are in the niches; the better you can serve a smaller group of customers, the better

-You have to choose your market wisely

-The more valuable a niche, the more people are going after it

-Once you identify your niche, you have to look at the entire segment of your niche. How will you add value to your client’s life?

-With digital marketing, it is very measurable and you can easily see your return

-A benefit of SEO is that it’s compounding—you keep getting paid on it

-Google continually produces the best search results

-If you tick all the boxes Googles is looking for, it will continue to reward you with great traffic

-People go directly to Google for services, which might be the one you provide

-You need a substantial amount of links leading back to your website, because it gives you domain authority

-You need to utilize key words with buyer intent or action intent—someone is actually going to take action and help you increase your revenue

-A good web designer understands marketing

-Back-links are critical—the bigger, the better

-Only 0.21% of internet content gets substantial traffic

-Niche-relevant back-links are most ideal to help you ranks

-Important to analyze which websites generate the right investors

Useful Links:

Financial Survival Network

Ardor SEO

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We sat down with Osino Resources' CEO Heye Daun for a sponsor update. Recent drill results, like those that came before, have been encouraging and the company recently released a highly anticipated updated PEA, showing a pre-tax Net Present Value of $579 million and an after-tax NPV of $377 million (5% discount rate) with a 2.3 year payback and an internal rate of return of 38% (based on $1700 gold).

Daun emphasized that during the current sector downturn, Osino has been focused on execution and delivery. He's been committed to building a top-notch team, keeping the company well-financed and pushing forward as the company grows and develops. With an aggressive drill program, the Twin Hills Project keeps getting bigger and bigger. This will eventually lead to a large shareholder payday (we own shares).

With its recent upgrade to the OTCQX, Osino should be well positioned to capture more investor attention and a higher valuation once the sector regains favor. And with all that's going on in the world and increasing financial instability, that should be sooner rather than later. Tune in to hear Heye Daun discuss Osino's potential.

Company Website:

Ticker Symbols: OTCQX: OSIIF - TSXV: OSI


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