It’s hard to know what exactly is happening in Florida real estate without talking to someone in the field. Today we have the founder of RealTrade, Ryan Poole, on the podcast to give us some insider knowledge on what is happening, and why real estate is booming so much—especially in South Florida as a result of the pandemic. Poole also tells us a bit about RealTrade, which is a platform that allows for communication between realtors, buyers, and sellers that enhances the realty experience.

-What’s happening with Florida real estate?
-Every county essentially has a different market
-2012: Florida was about to overtake New York as the third most populated state
-Things have heated up in the market over the last eight or nine months
-Especially since the pandemic, there has been a huge boom in real estate—clients are coming from all over
-Things staying open in Florida during the pandemic was a major attraction for buyers
-Florida has always been relatively cheaper
-There is not enough real estate to go around with the high volume of buyers—this also has caused prices to rise
-Prices in South Florida are still pretty attractive in comparison to the rest of the country
-South Florida is also becoming a financial epicenter, with the tech industry growing as well
-Florida is just one of the states people are running to—and one of the biggest
-Zillow doesn’t necessarily offer the most accurate information—a lot of baiting happens
-Agents work hard to get listings; Zillow gets this data and populates their platform with it
-Zillow owns 75% of the marketshare in terms of online presence
-Relators essentially end up working for Zillow
-RealTrade allows the realtors to own and manage the marketplace
-Agents network with one another to facilitate business, and buyers and sellers can also ask questions and contact realtors
-Waterfront properties in very high demand as well as golf course communities—we probably could see more rises in prices here

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Today, I have John Rubino on the podcast to update us on all things economy: from real estate to the supply chain, we are seeing a lot of shifts and instabilities that have incurred over time. Evergrande seems to be bleeding over into the rest of China’s immense real estate sector—tampering with the industry as a whole. We also probe into the buying and selling of crypto, and determine that people are less optimistic about it which means we will most likely see an increased interest in gold.

-Evergrande is a large Chinese real estate developer. It has been borrowing large amounts of money for the last decade, and it has taken up large amounts of leverage
-Even higher prices, however, are not saving them—they’re giving cheap real estate to their creditors
-This is bleeding over into the rest of China’s immense real estate sector
-The fed is making noises about tapering—we start to see taper tantrums in this circumstance
-Gold is holding its own—it’s actually up a bit
-The supply chain is still in shambles
-We live beyond our means
-Cryptos are getting whacked—they are treated like tech stocks and are risk-on assets that you buy when you’re feeling optimistic
-Bitcoin is being sold off
-This is when gold takes off; the fed starts talking about tapering, which means that easy money will come to an end
-Lumber and iron ore have tanked lately, which means that the picture is getting mixed
-The global economy is slowing down

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