The supply chain is not what it used to be—resources and labor are in high demand and we are seeing lots of negative effects as a result. Aaron Clarey comes on the podcast today to talk about some of these effects—especially within the housing industry—and what the future may look like as a result.

-The supply chain is like a plastic band about to snap
-Clarey recently built a house and purchased furniture/materials for it well in advance, acknowledging some of the issues in the supply chain
-People’s houses recently have not been getting done, which requires banks to reset interest rates (which are going up) which creates even more of a rush to get things delivered
-The American dining experience is over—we see long lines, poor service, and lower quality
-Standards of living go down as quality of work declines—you need to learn to do things yourself
-It’s a smart idea to buy things now because of the projection of inflation
-Prices of basic staples (i.e. gasoline) are up astronomically

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We checked in with Trilogy Metals’ CEO Tony Giardini for a sponsor update. Preliminary work on the access road has continued unabated. When completed it will connect the Ambler Mining District to the famed Dawson Highway. The company has been focused on spelling out the benefits that area residents will realize when the road is completed. As a private toll road, it will never be open to the public; Trilogy will have exclusive use, thus mitigating environmental concerns. Currently, shipping costs to the neighboring remote towns are quite costly. It is expected that upon completion, residents will incur lower prices on many goods and commodities. Additionally, the mine will lead to greatly increased employment opportunities for thees communities. Presently 2/3 of the Trilogy’s employees are locals.

Weather and health concerns have temporarily slowed the pace of drilling. However, Giardini expects that Trilogy will soon be able to make up for lost time. Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy recently visited the mine site to emphasize the project's importance to the state. All interested parties are fully engaged.

The company continues to be well capitalized with over $100 million in the bank and it will easily be able to finance its share of additional road development and exploration costs into the foreseeable future.

Giardini is pleased with the pace of progress. In a project of this immense scale, there are many moving parts and everything takes time. The good news is that things are moving ahead and the pieces are starting to fall into place. 

Company website:

Ticker Symbol on NYSE-American and TSX: TMQ

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