Every commodity seems to be up substantially with the exception of Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Today, we have Jordan Roy-Byrne on the podcast to talk about this interesting phenomenon. Gold and Silver peaked before everything else, and their performance is ultimately linked to inflation—which is higher than ever at the moment. Tune in to get interesting insight and predictions on this topic, and to hear us break down what’s happening with inflation and the metals.

-Every commodity is up substantially (i.e. natural gas, uranium)
-Everything but Gold, Silver, and Platinum is going up
-Gold tends to lead everything in the commodity world, and Silver tends to follow
-When commodity prices spike or have big moves, they tend to correct
-Gold and Silver peaked before everything else—before Uranium stocks even started to move
-The market is not anticipating that inflation is going to accelerate
-Real rates have nowhere to go but up
-The market is saying that the rate of inflation has peaked, and that it’s going to come down a bit
-We’re having as much as 14% inflation right now by some accounts—the biggest inflationary rate since WWII
-Inflation can be very volatile and move a lot in both directions
-If Gold and Silver start out-performing, that will indicate that inflation is here to stay and we could transition into a state of stagflation
-Would the fed risk a crash to assert itself over the markets? The fed will ultimately follow the market
-15-20% decline/correction is more probable than a crash
-Crashes do not happen very often

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