Markets continue to fluctuate up and down, and in this episode I discuss these fluctuations with Gil Baumgarten. Baumgarten reassures us in saying that It is not good for money to only head in one direction—it’s vital for markets to take one step back so that true base value can be found and the market stays in sync.

-Markets are in flux—they tend to fluctuate up and down
-Are we having the much awaited correction? Will it become a crash?
-It’s not good for money to only head in one direction—it needs to shake from time to time so that true base value can be found. It’s like trimming the hedges in your yard; they come back healthier
-Every boom ends with a bust, but the marketplace typically takes four steps forward and one step back. The one step back keeps the market in sync
-There are a lot of negative trends occurring
-Biden inherited a booming market with full employment due to full taxation
-Should investors get rid of all their tech and move to energy?
-High energy prices are inevitable
-A lot of people are thinking that we are at the end of fossil fuel transportation
-Electric consumes fossil fuels too—just out of sight
-Perhaps we have an electric future, but it will not happen overnight
-Policies are hostile to US energy and consumption—which puts people at a disadvantage
-Deck-clearing events produce the opposite outcome in their wake

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