Gold and silver have broken out. What’s next? We know that the stock market has continued to go up, the US Dollar has been strengthening and gold has been going up. Why is this happening? We’re starting to see select junior miners breaking out as well. It looks like the worm has turned. We also discuss the Baltimore situation and why American cities are crumbling. It all began during the civil unrest of the 1960’s. The combination of rampant crime and forced busing led to white flight. Most cities have yet to recover. And when you take a look at Baltimore, you can’t help but notice billions of aid dollars have been wasted or stolen. So it’s great that someone is finally calling them out and being honest about the situation. Let’s hope it continues and eventually change. 

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We sat down with Jamie Keech in Vancouver to get an idea of where the mining sector is headed. Unsurprisingly, he’s guardedly optimistic. While metals prices have been rising, many sector stocks have been slow to follow. Jamie did us a real service by explaining the red flags looks for when he’s deciding what stocks to invest in. He’s always on the look-out for self-serving managements that put its interest above the company’s owners, the shareholders. He explains why investors must look for companies where management and shareholder interests are aligned. You just have to look at the financial statements and spend a little time reviewing them. The answer usually resides within them. 

Direct download: Jamie_Keech_30.Jul.19.mp3
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Rick Rule sat down with us at the Sprott Conference. He’s extremely upbeat about precious metals and believes we’re at the beginning of another bull market. The average such bull lasts for three years and sees advances of 300 percent or more. What will propel this one even further is the discovery of the sector by millennials. Rick believes that their refined research skills, their need to self-validate information and their risk-taking nature will secure them large gains, at least initially. Then greed and recklessness could takeover and lead to larger losses. 

We also talked about AI in exploration, and the independent rogue miners who do so much damage. 

Get ready for the bull now!

Direct download: Rick_Rule_30.Jul.19.mp3
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The current economic situation, at least according to Doug Casey is hopeless. There’s no turning back as debt continues to mount and the decline of the West becomes ever more obvious. The best thing you can do is learn to profit from it, which Doug has done quite well. We also talked about Doug’s upcoming book The Assassin. Fun times ahead. 

Direct download: Doug_Casey_30.Jul.19.mp3
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Jordan Roy-Byrne has long warned that the precious metals bull market had yet to begin. Now, it's actually happening. Jordan believes that the Fed's easing policy was the paradigm shift needed for the gold bull to take off. He believes that a 25 basis point increase will be more advantageous to gold's nascent bull rather than a 50 pas point rise. It's only the beginning. We can look forward to more rate cuts ahead. 

Direct download: Jordan_Roy-Byrne_24.Jul.19.mp3
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Former Whitehouse speech writer Kasey Pipes has written a book about resurgence of Nixon's historical profile. While Nixon resigned in disgrace and was generally reviled by future generations of politicians, he's had a comeback. While Trump is certainly much different that Nixon, they have a number of things in common, particularly their pragmatic America First foreign policy. The idea of making the world safe for democracy is foreign to both. They have been far more concerned about how America will benefit. Trump has shown this in his overwhelming opposition to military adventurism. Nixon avoided military entanglements after the Vietnam War ended. One affect of Nixon's economic policy gravely affected the world economic system. The 1971 closing of the gold window is still being felt today. And interesting read. 

Direct download: Casey_Pipes_23.Jul.19.mp3
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Danielle is unconvinced that the recent gold breakout has legs. She's not seeing inflation in the picture because wages are fairly stagnant and there's no catalyst on the horizon. Debt continues to increase at unsustainable rates and eventually that will lead to a deflationary decline. And right now the global economy is slowing down and the central banks have reacted by turning on the monetary spigot, with predictable results. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_23.Jul.19.mp3
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Ned Schmidt has been warning us for years. We've seen gold and now silver break out of a 6 year long channel and Ned believes we've only just begun. The more things continue down the road of out of control debt/spending, the higher gold is going. Our money is on Ned, not the Fed. 

Direct download: Ned_Schmidt_22.Jul.19.mp3
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For the past several months, Nick Santiago has been bullish on gold. Now that bullishness is expanding to silver, where he believes the returns will be severals times the eventual returns in gold. He believes that everyone needs to join this bandwagon now, before it's too late. Inflation is about to again rear its ugly head and those who don't prepare for it will face many difficulties. No one should be surprised. Nick also believes the stock market is close to a peak and oil is stuck at the current levels. Lot's more to digest here. 

Direct download: Nick_Santiago_22.Jul.19.mp3
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A debt deal was just reached today and almost no one cares. What has happened to the country? The debt limit used to be a big deal. How much debt can we produce before something happens to the global economic system? John and I agree that we're going to find out soon. People have finally rediscovered gold and silver. Unless something drastic happens, this only the beginning. Buckle your seatbelt now!



Direct download: John_Rubino_22.Jul.19.mp3
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It's no secret that Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter among others have conspired to shut down conservative voices. In fact, President Trump just had a social medial summit to address this very issue. Herman Cain  was so upset about this trend that he joined which enables people to bypass the actual platforms to get the latest updates from their social medial voices. No longer will they be silenced. 

Direct download: Patrick_Brown_FF_19.Jul.19.mp3
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Jason Cuzins may have found the holy grail of digital gold. Linking his Glint debit card with a bonded depositary holding audited and verified gold is a giant step forward. Once you possess a card, you can immediately load money into your account and purchase gold or other currencies or just leave it there. The fees to buy and sell gold are extremely low and easy. We'll a lot more information shortly.

Direct download: Jason_Cuzins_FF_19.JUL.19.mp3
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Big data and big marketing are becoming one. What does that mean for your privacy? We're seeing advanced data modeling concepts applied to consumer databases, which provides companies with the ability to identify and expand their target markets. It also results in less junk mail, less spam and less telemarketing calls. Perhaps there is a bright side to this after all. 

Direct download: Craig_Huey_FF_19.Jul.19.mp3
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Yesterday it was almost curtains for FSN. My primary domain name, unbeknownst to me went up for auction and was sold for $995. This would literally have been the end of the FInancial Survival Network. I couldn’t get any help from my domain name host customer service department. I took deliberate decisive action, after my initial panic, and eventually got the transaction reversed. Thus FSN will live to fight another day! But as always there are lessons to be learned. Don’t panic! Create a logical plan of action and execute. Do all that you can do, and then leave it to higher power. This story had a happy ending, but many of them don’t. That’s why we all need to be strong and let it go once we’ve done all we can. 

Direct download: Kerry_DNDE_19.Jul.19.mp3
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Dr. Huber returned to FSN. Seems that PC - political correctness is the ruination of America. It's a way of shutting people up that you don't agree with. Rather than through rational discussion and debate, the traditional way of resolving political issues, we're now in a different realm. Except among a tiny minority of far-left Americans, political correctness (P.C.) is deeply unpopular. Some 80 percent of people said they viewed P.C. excess as a problem. That's according to a survey conducted by More in Common, an international research. So what's the problem, why can't we simply overwhelm and shut down this destructive movement? Maybe because it's centered in Hollywood, NY and DC. 

We also talked about Austin Texas's law to allow homeless encampments on sidewalks every where. When will the madness end? 

Direct download: Dr._John_Huber_16.Jul.19.mp3
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Looks like gold has broken out just as Gerald Celente was expecting. And now it's going to get worse. Seems like there's nothing that can stop the trends that are currently taking place. Gerald has a lot more forecasts and you'll have to listen to find out. 

Direct download: Gerald_Celente_16.Jul.19.mp3
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New Guest Alert James Stanley, currency strategist with the Dailyfx joined us. Everyone is expecting the July 25 bps rate cut. Could the Fed deliberately disappoint? James thinks it could happen, but it's unlikely. However, 3 rate cuts are baked into the cake this year. Will it help the economy? Maybe. Will it keep the stock market flying? For sure. And James advises to keep your eye on the gold market, it might be sounding alarms about the state of fiat currencies very shortly. $1700 gold? 

Direct download: James_Stanley_16.Jul.19.mp3
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Jeffrey Epstein was indicted once again for sex crimes against minors. The jet-setting, world-class pedophile is a bit of an enigma. No one really knows where his money came and how he became a billionaire hedge fund manager. What we do know is that he had many friends in high places. Now it seems that no one knows who he is and of course never did. While the mainstream media is busy trying to pin it all on Trump, we know that he was Epstein was barred from the President's club Mar-a-Lago, many years ago for sexual transgressions towards a minor. Somethings never change. Let's see if Epstein is allowed out on bail. That will give us a good idea of where this is heading, fix or justice? The result will tell us a lot about where our country is heading. 

Direct download: James_Hirsen_15.Jul.19.mp3
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David Erfle started JuniorMinerJunky newsletter in the midst of the resource trough. While others were fleeing the space, David marched onward, confident that things would turn around sooner rather than later. And now it's all happening. Gold has broken through resistance and appears to be on its way to major gains. And silver won't be left behind. The next phase of the bull will bring silver along with it. This could go on for years. 

Direct download: David_Erfle_15.Jul.19.mp3
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Hard to believe that this is number 13! The FreedomFest is non-stop. The theme is the Wild West! It's much more than politics. It's a renaissance festival with fascinating debates, panels, general session presentations, keynote speeches, breakout sessions, conversation circles, workshops, author book signings, receptions, hospitality suites, special breakfasts & luncheons, the Anthem Film Festival, the Pitch Tank, the FreedomFest Exhibit Hall…that’s just the beginning of the action at FreedomFest.

Kevin O'Leary is the keynote speaker this year. His hardcore capitalistic attitudes will contrast well with other more publicly spirited speakers. With topics on politics, investing, economics, healthy living and healthcare, education and parenting, technology & science, philosophy & history, the arts & literature, government regulation, taxation, social trends and so much more, there’s something for everyone at FreedomFest.

FreedomFest runs from 7/17/19 to 7/20/19. Be there. Register here...

Direct download: Mark_Skousen_12.Jul.19.mp3
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Bill Baruch's Blue Line Futures resides at the Chicago Board of Trade. Bill is looking forward to a 25 basis point rate by the end of July. Bill has been enthusiastic about gold prices. He's thinking it's all about the trade war and the Fed wants to try to stay ahead of the next developments. Job numbers have stayed strong throughout Trump's tenure. Manufacturing is the wild car. It's declining in Europe and China. Will the US be next? Manufacturing payrolls surprised on the upside. Will it continue? 

Direct download: Bill_Baruch_11.Jul.19.mp3
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We're big fans of our sponsor Auryn Resources (ticker AUG on the TSX and NYSE) and especially its Executive Chairman Ivan Bebek. He's not one to set his sights on small projects. He's out there looking for the monsters. Of course he's not alone, but Ivan has already founded two companies that went on to make stellar returns for his shareholders. While Auryn's share price has been volatile, those who stuck with the company from its inception have been richly rewarded. But when Ivan's plans are ultimately achieved, the gains realized by shareholders could be life-altering. That's because Auryn has two mega-projects, one in Peru and the other in Canada that are showing incredible potential and have generated incredible interest by numerous companies. While most people would be content to have just one such project during their lifetime, it seems as though Ivan is just getting started. One thing we know for sure, Ivan will face down any odds and overcome any challenge necessary to success. We wish him well. 

Direct download: Ivan_Bebek_11.Jul.19.mp3
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It's no secret that US oil/gas output has been skyrocketing. In fact, some are predicting that within a few short years, production will hit 17mm barrels per day. Just 10 short years ago, the experts were forecasting declining American production and increased dependence upon imports. What a difference a decade makes. Of course there are challenges. Environmental wackos, tight pipeline capacity, the Green New Deal and a host of other factors. However, judging from where we were and where we are now, they will be met and overcome. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_10.Jul.19.mp3
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Kitco's Peter Hug joined us for a review of the recent action in the precious metals and the beginning of gold's new bull market. He believes that a lot will have to do with the Fed's approach to cutting rates. Peter believes that the Fed will take a more cautious approach and cut 25 basis points at the next meeting. If they go higher, it could be a real boost. Once gold breaks the next resistance point around 1420, gold could close out the year around $1550. Let's see what happens next. 

Direct download: Peter_Hug_10.Jul.19.mp3
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Gold has been on a major move up lately. 12% since the beginning of 2019. But John believes we're just getting started. Where will it stop? Nobody knows, bull markets can go on for many years, just look at gold from 2000-2011 or the stock market for the past 10 years. Next we talked about Jeffrey Epstein, the Deep State and the Trump Revolution. Looks like it's all about to hit the fan. The truth about Spygate is coming out and nothing can stop it. The Democrat Party is heading head long into total socialism and it may very implode when things really get going. We'll just have to see what happens next! 

Direct download: John_Rubino_09.Jul.19.mp3
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