Dr. Huber returned to FSN. Seems that PC - political correctness is the ruination of America. It's a way of shutting people up that you don't agree with. Rather than through rational discussion and debate, the traditional way of resolving political issues, we're now in a different realm. Except among a tiny minority of far-left Americans, political correctness (P.C.) is deeply unpopular. Some 80 percent of people said they viewed P.C. excess as a problem. That's according to a survey conducted by More in Common, an international research. So what's the problem, why can't we simply overwhelm and shut down this destructive movement? Maybe because it's centered in Hollywood, NY and DC. 

We also talked about Austin Texas's law to allow homeless encampments on sidewalks every where. When will the madness end? 

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Looks like gold has broken out just as Gerald Celente was expecting. And now it's going to get worse. Seems like there's nothing that can stop the trends that are currently taking place. Gerald has a lot more forecasts and you'll have to listen to find out. 

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New Guest Alert James Stanley, currency strategist with the Dailyfx joined us. Everyone is expecting the July 25 bps rate cut. Could the Fed deliberately disappoint? James thinks it could happen, but it's unlikely. However, 3 rate cuts are baked into the cake this year. Will it help the economy? Maybe. Will it keep the stock market flying? For sure. And James advises to keep your eye on the gold market, it might be sounding alarms about the state of fiat currencies very shortly. $1700 gold? 

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